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Comment Who can stop ...? (Score 1) 254

Who can stop the "Bad guys" to put their own encrypted services/servers outside the US (United_states_of_Surveillance) reach?
At this pace, the only people with privacy will be the bad guys (a.k.a. government, drug dealers, terrorists).
What law in earth can prevent crooks to use their own private servers for bad purposes? (of course sometimes they can be owned, right Hillary?)

All good things can be used for bad things: A cars/painkillers/roads/Internet/religion/slashdot/(you name it).

Comment Look a "chupacabras" ! (Score 1) 487

Look a "chupacabras" !

I wonder what the govts has in mind now that this "crisis" appears.

"I see what are you trying to do.."
"I See What You’re Trying To Do, But It’s Not Working"
"I see what you trying to do, that's not even kinda new"

Comment Re:Seagate failures (Score 0) 316

Sea-HATE (Seagate) is a nightmare a total loss.
Granted HD fails, but I have a bunch (+11) of seagate HD-crap to prove that this brand need to be banned from earth. (many of them failed after few weeks of use, not months)

I can't write all my frustrations but when I read "8 TB HD from sea-hate" ooh man!, I just wonder who in heaven will trust 8TB of good or bad data to SeaHATE? ... Me? NEVER AGAIN.

SeaHate just make expensive toys for disassemble: good magnets to play and vanity mirror plates.
If this is your thing... buy.

Comment Self thought (Score 2) 205

Self thought:
"Maybe it's time to upgrade my Nokia C2 for a Firefox OS phone.
I don't care a fancy phone with camera(s) and social netcrap.
I just need to call, maybe check mails, sometimes play a song and a lot of battery duration.
The C2 can last almost ~seven days, the mp3 player is a crapy one but usable.
I want to be cheap on phones... "

So, yes maybe there is a lot of people like me that only need the basics.
XP (rotate to see -XP- giving tongue to windows 8-hate.)

Comment Re:Is that legal in the UK? (Score 1) 306

Well, we drive cattle of sheeps and some donkeys, so we the IT-cowboys needs to do it.
And with this NSA-alike-crap-fox-bugged-to-spy, I wonder if is safe to give trust on Dell.
"XP 8.1"
"XP" - the S.O. with Eyes closed and tongue sticking out to "8.1" the bloated-blob expelled from the Gates of hell.

Comment Re:A way to wipe out Android? (Score 1) 392

Given Microsoft's inability to walk into a room without tripping over their dick, this is most likely to be a cosmic clusterfuck that gives the general public a very bad impression of free(beer) software.

I don't think they're dicks are that big.

Yes, It's so big that they need to shove it in their own ass, this is why they are tripping over with it.

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