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Comment YES!! (Score 1) 289

Pay the right people, know what you are doing, and you could take the ENTIRE thing down. The entire Structure of the Internet is VERY hacked together. Take BGP for example. Very little security in it. And although they are working on sBPG, the current state of things is dreadful. Not to even mention DNS. So yes. We might not have Internet tomorrow. Although I am not an alarmist, I recognize that there are no good assurances in the Internet.

Comment 30 kilograms (Score 2, Informative) 10

Assuming 2 dollars per gallon, the man would have had to purchase 40700418454 gallons of fuel to generate such a bill. That is 1.54067844 × 1011 liters, 154 067 844 cubic meters or 0.154067844 cubic kilometers of fuel. Lets just say, having that much fuel in one place would be a good example of a bad idea.

Lets consider how much energy that would be. Assuming 34.8 MJ per liter there would be 5.36156097 × 10^18 Joules of energy. The Hiroshima bomb released about 6.3×10^13 joules of energy. That would make it about 85104.1424 Hiroshima bombs or about 30 kilograms of antimatter.

Comment Re:Are they good for anything? (Score 1) 684


There are some severe problems with this idea. For one, small black holes are believed to release a MASSIVE amount of radiation as they disintegrate. To maintain the black hole, you would have to provide an equal amount of energy (or mass). Do you see the problem yet. You can gain a lot of energy from the black hole, but no more than you put into its creation. I would compare this idea to damning up a crater, manually filling it with water and gathering hydro-electric energy from the dam. Yes you could get some power, but no more then you spent filling the crater.

The only way that you could GET energy from the hole is if it were growing. I don't know how you feel about it, but i don't like the idea of an expanding black hole on the earth.

Also, gamma radiation is no more enjoyable than pesky fast neutrons.

Comment A joke. (Score 1) 746

Well, the first thing that I did when I read this story was to check the URL. It was slashdot, but I couldn't believe it. How could such a story make it on SLASHDOT! Somebody must be playing a joke. If you are a slashdot admin, please verify your security. You were most likely just hacked.

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