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Comment Why do Republicans hate people? (Score 2) 332

The Senate voted 50-48 along party lines Thursday to repeal an Obama-era law that requires internet service providers to obtain permission before tracking what customers look at online and selling that information to other companies.

The only way I can interpret this action is that Republicans value corporations over people.

Comment Walk away? (Score 1) 119

From at least in or around 2013 through in or about 2015...

He was initially successful, acquiring over $100 million in proceeds that he wired to various bank accounts worldwide. But his footprint would eventually lead investigators to the truth,

So what amount is sufficient to walk away? 100M in two years?
I guess for some, it's the thrill of the chase, not the actual kill

Comment Re:More JUNK flourishing (Score 4, Insightful) 110

The Internet has lowered to the barrier to getting stuff out to an audience, but it hasn't increased the talent level of the producers. Net result: easier to find more JUNK. Enjoy your cat videos.

If your looking for junk you will find it. I come across so much genuine and unknown talent online that I really scratch my head when I hear the radio and what is being fed to consumers. I've finally realized that success is majority marketing/publicity with a dash of talent, not the other way around.

Comment Re:Cloud Services Are Inherently Unreliable (Score 1) 169

Greetings Sir,

I just wanted to point out how wrong you are.
We have finished migrating to the cloud and now we have redundancy, speed and guaranteed uptime
This also allowed us to get rid our our surly ops guys, so it's a win win really.

We are now in the process of outsourcing our programing department to India, another win, win for us in management.
We are excited about the future, what could go possibly go wrong?


Bob Stiff - PHB

Comment Well, at least that won't happen again (Score 3, Insightful) 169

I'm glad they located the issue and put safeguards in place to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Unfortunately, one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly and a larger set of servers was removed than intended

oh, nevermind.

Comment Re:Read the response... (Score 1) 244

If I want an actual chicken sandwich I sure wouldn't order one from any fast food joint. I'm surprised they contain any chicken at all, it's as you said, you want something that tastes remotely good, is fast and doesn't make you sick.

I care in that it would be great if they were honest in their marketing, "Look we both know this isn't really chicken but we promise there are only extra inert fillers. There aren't ingredients in here that are really bad for you that build up in your body over time, really".

Why do you care? Well if they are lying about the chicken, what else are they lying about? And in general you want what you pay for, although in this case, since fast food is subsidized, it doesn't really matter because the prices are so low anyway.

Comment Re:My job... (Score 2) 364

Why do 1st world workers feel an overbearing sense of entitlement that they deserve special privileges?

Yes, as fluffernutter said and because we already proven the unfettered capitalism will eat itself.
"Capitalism may be the best economic system ever devised, but one of its drawbacks is that it provides financial incentives to harm and even kill people." -

Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 364

Waaaay to late on that score. The legend goes, the term "sabotage" comes from workers in the Industrial Revolution throwing their wooden shoes (called "sabots") into the machines which were replacing them.

I think the next line of job replacing robots will be made to look like Megan Fox or (whoever) to help curb that.

Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 364

Do you also object to the headline, as robots aren't "taking" jobs, they're just being given jobs that used to belong to humans?

Fair enough. I'm probably overreacting based on the current nationalist attitude in the US. Maybe once angry displaced workers start attacking and killing robots I'll have the same reaction.

Comment Re:My job... (Score 4, Insightful) 364

Was already taken by Indians.

I'm so tired of hearing comments like this, nothing was taken! If Asians are now doing the job you used to do it's because it was given to them willingly by US corporate decision makers!
All this backlash over immigrants ruining America is crap, we have done this ourselves, the 1% needs to keep its revenue growth high and has no problem sacrificing your welfare to do it.

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