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Comment Re:Go for it (Score 0) 1065

Hey Cowboy, Maybe the neutrons have affected your brain, because last I checked, the administration running the TSA is anything but "right wing." The TSA did not get its crotch-grabbing and child-molesting authority until quite recently, all thanks to your beloved Obama and Big Sister Janet Napolitano. And it's all left-wingers trying to ban salt, sodas, foie gras, and toys in Happy Meals. So yes, we do have the left wing to thank for the Nanny State.

Comment Re:Bad news for democracy (Score 2, Insightful) 279

For most people:

Good information == information that supports their views


Good voting == voting with an outcome they favor

That's why the "fairness doctrine" is so Orwellian. By definition, it requires some person or entity to decide what is a fair mix of opinion and what is good information.

"Experts" usually love that sort of arrangement, usually because they envision themselves to be the arbiter.

Would you favor it, though, if someone you disagreed with politically had the power to make such determinations?


Submission + - The New School of Videographers (osnews.com)

Provataki writes: This editorial discusses the impending explosion of hobbyist artistic videographers, in the same way that happened with digital photography just a few short years ago. The article claims that it's time camera manufacturers create camcorders equivalent in principle to the cheap DSLRs that we currently enjoy. Some beautiful HD footage, shot by amateurs, is shown too.

Comment Re:Oh please God. (Score 0) 153

Sure, you could say that it was more interesting when newspapers were blatantly communist or uber capitalist, or blazingly socialist, but to say the least, it's NOT cool to go around lying to the public and whipping up a panic for your own personal gain.

Which is exactly what today's MSM does!

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