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Submission + - Need OSHW Raspberry Pi HAT for DiY/IoT ? Get RabbitMax Flex! (indiegogo.com)

rzr writes: What is RabbitMax Flex? RabbitMax Flex is an open source hardware Raspberry Pi HAT (add-on board) for rapid prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) powered by free and open source software. It features:
  • IR transmitter (IR LED)
  • IR receiver (IR photo sensor)
  • Relay
  • Piezoelectric speaker (buzzer)
  • Button
  • Slot for modular 16x2 LCD character display
  • Slots for up to 5 plug and play I2C sensors for temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and light
  • UART (Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) pins for debugging

Getting started is super easy. No soldering is required. You can assemble it with your bare hands. Project is already funded, and you can still also order items.

Submission + - Samsung releases source code of Tizen Phone Z1 (tizenexperts.com)

rzr writes: Last month Samsung launched Tizen Z1 mobile for Indian market and some of them managed to be in developers hands (or the opposite). Anyway we all knew it ships mostly FLOSS to start with the kernel Linux, so Samsung made it available to anyone.

If you want to study tizen 2.3 mobile profile or even try to port OS to other devices (ie: previous tizen references devices) you have no excuse to not doing so.

Also author shared some pratical informations about making apps for the only "GNU/Linux inspired " system for mobile. At least with devices and support from the industry .. am I right ? I wish not... but still community depends on actual devices.

Comment Android != GNU (Score 1) 807

The article started not that bad, but not through the end "This is why you should support Android " Seriously ??? Quoting mr RMS : "Even though the Android phones of today are considerably less bad than Apple or Windows smartphones, they cannot be said to respect your freedom." http://digitizor.com/2011/09/20/richard-stallman-android-free-software/ I am not here for bashing android, but where are the GNU phones folks ? openmoko ? meego/maemo ? tizen ?

Comment Touch friendly (Score 2) 378

I have been tested all desktop for more than a decade and So far this is the best UX I can use on a touchscreen, note that KDE Active is less polished so far And I've been using also on my home laptop for months , kde at work , and lxde on older computer ... Check how linux mint tuned g3 to keep g2 look and feel ...

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