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Comment trace startup of mplayer (Score 1) 329

... at least back in the days i was amazed how deep you could bury the int main() {}.

i think that the best one would (regardless of the source code qualities) an open source application that does something you are really interested in, or just find a simple usability problem or a simple bug.

then post your bugreport up on their tracker/mailinglist and offer to help with a patch with a little bit of help.

even if you don't manage to implement it, you might come up with a test case or at least discussion which will help you and the project. during the implementation attempt and/or testcase bulding you will most likely grep through a lot of code, commit logs and comments and might be able to implement your next idea.

if you are not familiar with the project's tools, you will be "wasting" a lot of time learning those while building a testcase/implementation attempt. that time you'll save during your next idea.

remember to start with small ideas. of course selecting a project that is both alive and non-hostile might be a good starting point as well.

Comment All graphics layer access will be an attack vector (Score 1) 503

Lets face it; either you do WebGL or you do some Microsoft Silverlight Direct3D mambojambo it does not matter. As long as it touches something and even possibly uses data from somewhere it's a security risk. And this applies to everything.

However, given the open nature of WebGL compared to some Microsoft closed-source solution, static/runtime analysis tools can be developed (and integrated) in WebGL implementations to lower the risk, the standard (or what ever we call it) can be changed so that more dangerious things are disallowed (or for example to the screenshot thingy Mozilla has right now, limited), where as with Microrsoft you just pretty much hope that it will not go sideways, and that they will not later on screw it up with updates.

Plus, WebGL is cross-platform by design, which is the number one downside for Microsoft. Still, I can't believe they are still going down this path... Wasn't Ballmer already fired or was that just hearsay? Also, it'd sound really strange if you couldn't adapt GL paths to Direct3D, as Wine is already doing the same other way around, and AFAIK succeeding [in small steps].

Comment OSS certificate (Score 1) 444

It's received through participating in open source project(s). A few things look as good as this; just link to your github or the most notorious bugs you've squashed from your resume and you'll be noticed. Plus you might even make good friends with like minded people and or get a call to work for a company developing a solution on top of your favourite open source project!

Comment Re:Good. (Score 5, Informative) 362

Last I checked MONO was aiming to deliver .NET to Linux. .NET (platform) patents scare people, not patents regarding the language specification. I guess you can patent anything in USA and sue on ever more in Texas, but I do not think that the language specification contains anything patentable.

Have you read the patent statement? It says:

Microsoft Corporation will grant, [..] licenses on commericially reasonable terms and conditions, for its patent(s), [...] for the implementation of the Ecma Standard.

So, until you have Microsoft releasing GPL (w/ classpath or whatever assemblies you use on .NET exception) or LGPL code that compiles under Linux you really shouldn't be using it.

Comment Apples to Canonicals (Score 1) 511

While I think everyone can be look up Apple for product "just working [out of the box]" I think that's where it ends at Canonical. They must realize that if they continue to push their Ubuntu One and such services too hard, they will lose developers and then after few releases later users to other distributions.

Then again, I have nothing against them for "value-adding options", as long as those are "options" and do not make Ubuntu become the next Nokia Ovi (think about their [Windows] application for a few seconds -- horrible or the fact that most functions on my N8 require or prompt Ovi user account, and that bloody piece of sh*t can't care to remember my password anymore).

I still think that Canonical has had a great and good influence on Linux [distribution] community as whole and their investment on UI and system level innovation and new projects has helped the desktop usage. And I'm not saying this to undermine contributions by for example Red Hat or any single open source developer person -- just that to my knowledge, Canonical has not been around for too long to step into the big influencers/innovators club. Also, the more big names (and directions) we have as long as they are working together as well as possible, it's all good (, etc.).

Comment Only in America (Score 1) 160

Sounds like any perfectly legit multinational corporation with too much marketshare just keeping "the competetive egde". Does this make anyone else remember Major General Smedley Butler, USMC's words?

This is way beyond sad. The last thing IT world needs are extraditions, even if the guy was quilty of the charges. If it takes 10 months to gather (make up) evidence, that makes me think he is innocent. I wonder how they are going to get anything posted as valid evidence, or are the separate laws for evidence against US nationals and foreigners? Thankfully the canadians seem to behave rationally most of the time, from what I've read.

Comment Say what you want, this is a good thing (Score 1) 91

I'm not a fan of cloud buzzword, but could slashdotters take a second to read that this code has been released on APL license? APL license, you know, apache?

This is a great development and its nice to see what the buying of SpringSource has already put in motion in VMWare. As pointed by others, this will be a good competitor to GAE, AWS and to whatever Microsoft is pushing.

Even I might be interested in this, in private cloud sense at least; perhaps it would be the easiest way to horizontally scale our software. We'll see.

Comment Sounds pretty fair to me (Score 1) 617

Of course I didn't RTFA but we've had discussion about this kind of thing in Finland recently related to the new nuclear plant construction site and the worker benefit/paycheck violations made by sub-sub-sub-sub-subcontractors. AFAIK in Finland the buyer [of services] should already be responsible for that the contractor she grants a job to is playing by the law.

It's only reasonable that sub-contractors using pirated software would be regarded as the contractor using pirated software, as you can most likely assume that sub-contractor has lower operating costs because they use illegally obtained software, thus possibly lowering the costs of their job for the contractor.

Now, if someone would dare to pursue worker rights in the same fashion *ducks* :) And the other away around, this software/illegal activities by contractors should be reflected upon the buyer in all around fashion, at least to some reasonable extent of requiring the buyer to monitor and react to detected anomalies..

Comment Re:M.A.D. (Score 1) 703

How do you confuse DDOS with violence? Attack is just a word I think you can attack in a debate as well.

I'd say that voluntary DDOS is more like a rally in front of a shop, for example animal right activists protesting in front of a fur-clothing store. It will turn down some customers but not in the way a DDOS does that. End result is mostly similar.

However I believe that Amazon might be the first one that might actually get some financial backslash over this compared to Mastercard and Visa which probably are not in the most visited websites, whereas S3 powers many and Amazon seems to have a lot of (American) customers.

Books Investor Sues Company For Lack Of Profit 181

The board of claims that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than to make money on the domain name, but an angry shareholder disagrees. From the article: "James Solakian filed the lawsuit in Delaware's Chancery Court against the board of for breaching their duty by refusing to sell the site or run the company in a profitable way. The lawsuit cites a valuation done by a potential purchaser that estimated could be worth more than, which recently sold for more than $100 million."

KDE 4.5 Released 302

An anonymous reader writes "KDE 4.5.0 has been released to the world. See the release announcement for details. Highlights include a Webkit browser rendering option for Konqueror, a new caching mechanism for a faster experience and a re-worked notification system. Another new feature is Perl bindings, in addition to Python, Ruby and JavaScript support. The Phonon multimedia library now integrates with PulseAudio. See this interview with KDE developer and spokesperson Sebastian Kugler on how KDE can continue to be innovative in the KDE4 age. Packages should be available for most Linux distributions in the coming days. More than 16000 bug fixes were committed since 4.4."

Comment Re:Good thing (Score 1) 949

You'd think INDIE film makers like the mastermind Uwe Boll would be delighted to have someone watching their shit, not suing for it — they sure as hell are not selling their products [to me] either nor can I rent them anywhere.

How good business model it is to produce something, only sell/make it available to very limited crowd and then start suing when someone is interested enough in your production to hunt it down online? I'd set up a "support us by buying a license for your downloaded film," for any sum. I'd at least would like to see a film maker do this once and publish the results.

I bet in EU you could even get some public funds for trial like the one described above. Or more specifically, even more public funding.

Comment If this'll make Monty STFU... (Score 1) 41

If this'll make Monty STFU and end his grief, then I'm all for it.

I just don't understand why not PostgreSQL, could someone explain why is mysql better when you provide simple hosting plans? PostgreSQL does seem to have an edge as a RDBMS, so are mysql databases more manageable per user or what's the reason?

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