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Comment Re:Sureal Images (Score 1) 148

Yup, those pix are exactly what it was like. I too was up at the crack and wondered what that weird orange light was outside. it was only when i when upstairs to look out the windows (the downstairs window faces our neighbours wall (about 3m away) that i was totally amazed.

i ride a motorbike into the city each day from the hills district (about 30kms) and it was horrible, there was red dust everywhere. still tho' at about 0645 the traffic wasnt so bad, but my bike looked like i took it to the outback when i got to work.

Comment Re:All I have to say is... (Score 1) 859

good call. i just spent 6 years living in NL, for three of those as a motorcycle rider. In all that time there were _two_ instances of people deliberately attempting to cut me off. Pretty much as a bike rider, i thought people were more considerate on the road, and their situational awareness very good (compared to the ignorant drivers here in People would routinely look in their mirrors and actually move out of the way if i was lane splitting (which is legal in NL provided you are

if only we could become better at this ourselves, i'm sure road rage and all that crap would become less.

I also spent a bit of time on the autobahns in germany ans was amazed at how considerate people were. i expected people to be going as fast as they could. it turned out that about 160km/h was an average speed, with the occassional car cruzing by at (probably) > 200km/h. sadly i didnt have a bike at the time

Comment Re:Is this that important ? (Score 3, Informative) 434

But I still wish radio didn't suck so much.

perhaps you should try its a radio station that doesnt play too much (any?) of the top 40, no commercials, and streams over t3h n3tz0rz. while i'm out of their demographic at 37, and dont like all the music, i love the fact there is "no fricken ads"

Comment Re:1st post! (Score 1) 94

I'd love an alcohol additive that neutralizes sexist pigs so they never even make it to the bar in the first place. Especially the ones that think they're any hotter than the 'peg-legged hunchback'.

I'd love an alcohol additive that would lighten people up and realise there are jokes in the world and that sometimes un PC stuff can be funny.

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