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Comment Re:From The Atlantic's James Fallows (Score 1) 254

PersonalBrain is fantastic but the free version does have limitations - you can only attach URLs to a thought, no file attachments. In order to attach files to a thought you have to buy the program. The Core version ($150) allows you to attach 1 file to each thought, while the Pro version ($250) allows multiple file attachments per thought. Also, a paid version is required to search for keywords within web pages or file attachments.

Online Attack Hits US Government Web Sites 199

angry tapir writes "A botnet composed of about 50,000 infected computers has been waging a war against US government Web sites and causing headaches for businesses in the US and South Korea. The attack started Saturday, and security experts have credited it with knocking the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) web site offline for parts of Monday and Tuesday. Several other government Web sites have also been targeted, including the Department of Transportation."

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