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Comment Re:One word: TFX (Score 1) 509

An F111 would suit Australian requirements. We kept them longer than anywhere else in the world. Would still use them now if we could.

It was known as the pig, but it was more suitable than the F35 will ever be. (or F22, or FA18, or super hornet, or... you get the picture)

Comment Re:If Cyanogen releases a stable build... (Score 1) 117

I was a massive Sense fan and only rooted my phone (Desire [Bravo]) to try and hack Sense 3 onto it.
While doing that I stopped my phone from booting.

So then I was forced to try a light ROM to get it back and running before having another go at what I wanted.
When I went back to Sense it felt... slow, bloated, full of crap I didn't want or need.
I decided I could live without the eye candy of the weather.

Next thing I installed Oxygen, Zeam Launcher and Swype keyboard.
I will play with other ROMs, but not Sense. it's ASOP from here.

The point? It's hard to quantify why ASOP can be better, you need to try it for yourself and see.

It's really hard to brick your phone, even if you mess up the ROM, it's like re-installing a distro.
However, flashing low level things like radios... be very careful

Comment Re:It works for printers (Score 1) 511

The colour on your screen (RGB) is "additive", that just means you start with black, you add colour to get what you want (and if you go full with RGB you get white).

The colour you print (CMYK) is subtractive, it absorbs light. It is the opposite, you start with white and as you "add" colour you will eventually end up with black.
When you are adding colour in reality you are subtracting colour, let me explain:
So if you look at my red mouse pad that means what the red pigment is doing is absorbing all the blue and yellow and only reflecting red light.
or, to be more technical, since there is no "red" in CMYK: it is absorbing all of the cyan, while reflecting magenta (and yellow).

Remember when you were painting in kindergarten and were told that the primary colours were Blue, Red and Yellow? Your teacher lied.
Well, more of a half truth. The primary colours are really Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. But they don't make a nice black, so that is why they put the K (black) into CMYK)
Of course, when you are talking about light emiting primary colours it does become Red, Green and Blue.

This is why CMYK is used in printing and RGB is used on displays. Displays pump out light, they don't reflect light. My mouse pad reflects light, it doesn't have any of its own.

/end rant.

Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 572

You missed the point completely.
Logic and Reason *alone* did nothing.
Scientists using Logic and Reason backed up with Evidence and Observation!

When the scientists started observing the planets, provided evidence that the sun is the centre of our solar system.
It was reasonable, even logical that the Earth was the centre of the universe. Evidence and Observation pushed our thinking forward.

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