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Journal ryanr's Journal: Want to see my kids? 10

So last weekend, I went to the Makers Faire. I wish I had taken the kids, there was lots of cool stuff for them to do and see. But the way things had worked out, I hadn't planned for that well. I'll make an effort to take them next year.

So while I was there, I bought them a 10-pack of throwies. It was $20, which I think is a pretty decent deal.

So I helped the kids make them, and took pictures.

I'm trying to get a few things done here. I'm trying to learn to use a camera properly, I'm showing off the kids, and I'm trying out the flickr thing. The cat's dead, so you get pics of the kids.

The pics are mostly the kids playing with the throwies, but there's also a shot in there of my youngest boy playing with the Nintendo DS, and my oldest transcribing some music. I've been fairly impressed with the kids' music work. The oldest two seem to be putting in some real effort. The bass player has a good ear, and seems to be able to play just about any bass part he wants. He also took a Mighty Bosstones song, looked up the tab for part of it, and wrote it out as sheet music for trumpet, so his brother could play along with him.

The youngest in there is a camera hound, and insists on being in every shot. That's why you see her in most of them. And yes, she does frequently wear the princess outfit around the house.

OK, so I've added another set now, which makes that first link ambiguous (see if you can guess which one is my wife, if you look at the other set.) So here's the "throwies" set link:
kids & throwies.

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Want to see my kids?

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  • You have lovely kids, you must be proud out the wazoo :)
  • It looks to me like "throwies" are basically just a battery with an LED attached to a battery (with a magnet?). Is there a resistor in the setup? If not, wouldn't the LED burnout because of too much power crossing it (well, evidently not), but why? Does the battery just not discharge fast enough or something?
    • Yup, just a battery, LED, and magnet. If you go to the "throwies" link in the journal, it will take you to instructions.

      I think my throwie might be the only one that was left to sit unmolested. I believe it lasted about a week.

      The batteries are 3V. If that's close to what the LED wants, a resistor should be neccessary. In my limited experience, if the voltage is a little off, it just glows too dim or too bright.

      I got them as a kit, so I assume they took some care to match the batteries to the LED requir
  • nice pics..

    I've been tempted to make some throwies, they look super easy to construct, and I'm sure NIUs campus could use some more, random, color.
    • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
      They're a lot of fun. We didn't use them for the throwing purpose, but that part should be fun, too. Plus, hey! Super-strong magnets...

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