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Comment Re: Battery weight (Score 5, Informative) 286

"Aircraft without fuel dumping capability are certified for overweight landing if necessary. Should an event occur requiring an immediate return for landing, the crew executes the landing and notes in the maintenance log that an overweight landing was made. The maintenance department conducts an inspection, and if there was no damage the airplane is released back into service."

"It all comes down to the fact that certain planes are designed to be significantly lighter when landing than when taking off -- in some cases more than 200,000 pounds (90,909.1 kilograms) lighter [source: Boeing]. This may sound backwards; one might think that taking off at a heavy weight would necessarily be harder than landing with that same weight. But landing can put more stress on a plane. When a plane lands heavy, it's very easy to hit the ground too hard and cause damage to the aircraft."

Comment Re:costs still too high (Score 1) 83

There are currently 3 ISPs in Lawrence:

-Not going to cover AT&T tiers, it's been covered in other threads

-Knology (formerly Sunflower), which has 4 major tiers
-Gold $72.95 (50mbps/unkn up)
-Paladium $57.95 (variable/variable)
-Silver $47.95 (18mbps/2mbps)
-Bronze $32.95 (3mbps/1mbps)

-Lawrence FreeNet
$37.98 (byo modem) for (10mbps/10mbps)
$47.98 (modem inc) for (10mbps/10mbps)

Source: I'm a resident

Comment Would they? Of Course they would! (Score 1) 559

"Would immigrant workers trade their privacy for the opportunity to work in the U.S.?" Yes, they would trade just about anything to get in the US, if they are willing to risk death in the Arizona desert. Hundreds of illegal immigrants die each year of dehydration, would they be willing to lose a little privacy for the chance to work in America? Yes.

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