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Comment Light hasn't reached us (Score 1) 258

This line fascinates me

"Because the cosmos emerged some 13.8 billion years ago, we're only able to observe objects up to a certain distance from Earth. Anything outside this "Hubble Bubble" is invisible to us because the light from these distant objects simply haven't had enough time to reach us."

The light has been traveling for 13.8 billion years and it still hasn't reached us. That is amazing.

Comment Re:Mature technology (Score 1) 259

I will agree with you as long as you also apply the same thinking to solar and wind. Those also have huge subsidies.

In addition the GOV has placed huge environmental and regulatory roadblocks in front of nuclear companies that cause the cost to skyrocket. If we can get rid of those it would not be nearly as expensive.

Comment Re:Difference between drones and RC planes/chopper (Score 1) 307

I have a DJI Phantom 1 which does not have camera and I fly it just fine. There are lights on the bottom that tell you which direction it is facing. It also have a really nice switch that sets the drone into "Controller Lock" mode which means it will always fly in the same direction when you press forward, no matter what way the drone is facing.

Comment So much for States rights (Score 0) 195

While I think it is a good idea to protect HAM radio operators I think this is another federal incursion into states rights and therefore cannot support it. It may be inconvenient to fight this state by state, but that is the best way. The more we invite the feds into our lives the harder it will be to get rid of them later.

Comment I did a similar test at home (Score 1) 178

I noticed that my favorite bluray ripper started supporting h.265, previously I had been using h.264, so I decided to give it a try. I took about twice a long to encode, and was a bit smaller in size, but 2 of my home computers could not playback the video. H.265 requires quite a bit more CPU/GPU processing power for both encoding and decoding. I personally will stick with h.254 because the cost of upgrading those machines is more than the cost of hard drive space.

If netflix switches they may find that a lot of home users can no longer use the service.

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