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Comment Emperor's "slugs"? (Score 1) 420

Any chance that they will fix the Emperor's "slugs"? I find that to be the most irritating thing in the movies and really hurt the enjoyment. I can even stand Greedo and Jar Jar.

'The "Emperor's slugs," also called the "Emperor's black spot," refers to a solid black area on the edge of Emperor Palpatine's hood in Return of the Jedi. The dark spot is actually a bit of hand-drawn animation. Although no definitive answer exists, Pablo Hidalgo learned from someone at LFL that the spot was likely added because the "particular low angle revealed a rather strange fold in the Emperor's temple that drew attention away from his eyes."[98]'


Firefox 3.5.1 Released 147

alek writes "A day after Slashdot reports about a self-inflicted vulnerability in Firefox 3.5, Mozilla releases 3.5.1. It addresses that security issue, but also fixes the annoying slow-startup on Windows. Bummer the UNIX wars have subsided, because apparently they also had to fix a problem where Firefox on a Sparc platform would crash when visiting!"

CrunchPad Will Be a 'Dead Simple Web Tablet' 145

Hugh Pickens writes "TechCrunch's Michael Arrington has been talking for a year about building a touch-screen tablet for Web surfing and now it appears that the CrunchPad is close to becoming a reality. 'We're going to make some really big announcements,' said Arrington, who predicted a prototype would be ready for unveiling by the end of July. The purpose of the CrunchPad will be very simple: surfing the Web. Turn it on and up comes a browser — 'an Internet consumption device,' for reading, checking e-mail or watching video. The CrunchPad will not have a hard drive or keyboard and photos of the latest prototype show a device with a 12 inch screen. 'The screen is now flush with the case and we've decreased the overall thickness to about 18 mm,' writes Arrington. 'The case will be aluminum, which is more expensive than plastic but is sturdier and lets us shave a little more off the overall thickness of the device.' The CrunchPad boots directly into the browser with a Linux-based operating system and a WebKit-based browser. A video of an earlier CrunchPad prototype in action shows a device which, unlike the iPhone, runs flash. 'The next time we talk about the CrunchPad publicly will be at a special press and user event in July in Silicon Valley,' writes Arrington. 'We're full on. These prototypes are real.'"

Comment Re:XHTML merged (Score 1) 222

But I believe most people shouldn't need to write raw HTML. Things like blog and CMS are are invented for the masses who don't want to invest the time needed to do HTML properly.

With the growth in popularity of things "Web 2.0" things like YouTube, flickr, wiki, blogs etc, I don't think people really need to write raw HTML to share their content anymore. I think those who still write raw HTML (i.e. those who do it professionally) have no excuse not to do it properly. It's not that hard after all.

China Starts/Stops Blocking Google 142

shekared was one of a number of readers to write in to tell a similar story. He says "I'm an American currently living and working in Chongqing, China. As of 9am (UTC +8) China began blocking,, google analytics and many if not most other google sites other than Internet speed for connections outside the mainland have in general have come to a crawl. Surprisingly this has yet to pick up major coverage in the press. Using an open proxy or VPN for connection to hosts outside of the mainland continues to allow access to google, as does connecting directly to a IP address. As of 6pm (UTC +8) access to gmail and have returned to normal."

The Origins of Video Game Names 121

Blogger Drew Mackie has posted a lengthy analysis of the etymology of dozens of names from popular video game characters. It examines the real-life and mythological roots of names from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario Bros., Street Fighter, and many other prominent franchises, complete with citations where appropriate. Quoting: "It's speculated that Street Fighter's Russian wrestler Zangief takes his name from a real-life Russian wrestler, Victor Zangiev. More interesting to me is that the working name for this character was Vodka Gobalsky. This is notable for two reasons — for one, that this name is amazing [and] deserves to enter into the public consciousness and, for another, that it bears a striking resemblance to the name of a Russian boxer in Nintendo's Punch-Out!! series, Vodka Drunkenski. I'm sure this says something about Japanese perception of Russian people. The latter Vodka, by the way, goes by the name Soda Popinski in US translations of the game, presumably because Nintendo of America didn't allow references to booze."

Submission + - A Twitter Client for the Commodore 64 ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Johan Van den Brande have developed a Twitter client for the Commodore 64, allowing 140 character messages to be posted directly from this TV-connected 1982 home computer. This youtube video shows how the Twitter client is — slowly! — loaded from a 5.25" floppy disk, how the latest Twitter messages are downloaded and shown on the TV screen, and how this tweet is posted. All that is needed is a C64, a TV, and a C64 Ethernet card. The Twitter client is implemented with the Contiki operating system, which otherwise is used for connecting tiny embedded systems to the Internet.

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