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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 2) 334

The problem isn't ITT, it's that people think some school (or ANYONE ELSE) will make you successful.

You make yourself successful. Only you.

Watch this: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontl...

The problem is the for-profit "schools" who:
- Admit *anyone* with a pulse, regardless of qualifications.
- Charge tuition that is multiple times what a real school charges.
- Do crap like sending nursing students to a Scientology museum and call it "clinical hours". (They graduated w/o ever being in a hospital).

Comment Oh, hell no!!! (Score 1) 290

I once worked in a tech company that employed a large overseas staff. The requests I would get involved large lists of IP addresses, port numbers, and host names. The host names were never anything you could even pronounce. They looked like random alpha-numerics due to names being dictated by a formula. For some reason, my peers from India always insisted on making a phone call, instead of just putting the request into an email from which I could copy/paste the names/IPs/ports into the queries and commands I needed to execute the request.

It got so bad that I just stopped answering my phone, and let every call go to vmail. Then I would check the vmail periodically, and email the senders, telling them to put the request into an email. Sometimes they would email back that they really needed to *talk* on the phone. So I would call them back and they would attempt to rattle off the initial vmail over again. And I would interrupt them to explain that I do not take dictation; If they want the request done, they need to put it in an email.

Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 1) 236

Is there a reason you add it to your Contacts list, instead of just blocking the number itself?

I don't have an iPhone, but according to Apple Support, you can go to your call log (called "Recents") and block the number without having to add it. Apparently you click on the "i" icon and scroll to the bottom.

With an Android phone, you can go into your call log, long press the number you want to block and then select the block option.

I just checked that and see you are correct.
I have been using the blocked contact method for over 3 years.
It is possible the direct blocking ability was added in an iOS update at some point.
Thanks for the tip!

Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 1) 236

> Several calls a week? I'm envious. I get a minimum of several a day.

Here is my solution to deal with those shenanigans:

* Every spam call you get, counterintuitively, ADD it to your Contacts under "Spam" BUT append a number.

You didn't mention what phone you have.
I do the same thing on my iPhone, but I have noticed the block seems to take effect with the numbers in the contact at the time the block is applied. i.e. when I add a phone number to the "Spam" contact, I need to unblock "Spam" momentarily, then reapply the block, to ensure the new number is blocked.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 331

This. Attributes of my den:
Comfortable seat.
No loudmouths.
Feet don't stick to the floor.
Pause button.
Clean bathroom.
Fast-forward button for the trailers.
Movie starts whenever I damn well please.
Food at grocery store prices.
If the movie turns out to be crap, I can abandon it without spoiling my wife's enjoyment.
Attributes of a theater:
Big screen.

You forgot one more attribute of your den: Control over the volume button.

The last time I went to a theater, (and I do mean the LAST time!), the morons had the volume cranked so high that not only was it painful to the ears, the amplifiers were well up into the distortion range, making half the dialog unintelligible.

Comment Re:Stock price pump (Score 1) 78

Because one share is not much (too little to sell, really) I think many costumers will end up buying more shares, especially since they already have a connection to the company (own what you know). This might be enough to pump up the stock price beyond what T-mobile could have managed by just buying and retiring shares.

When a company buys back shares, all of the metrics based on "per share", (e.g. earnings/share), go up because there are now fewer shares.
That increases the value per share.

What T-Mobile is doing keeps the share count unchanged, so all they are effectively doing is giving away cash.
That should actually depress the stock price.

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