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Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

This. Attributes of my den:
Comfortable seat.
No loudmouths.
Feet don't stick to the floor.
Pause button.
Clean bathroom.
Fast-forward button for the trailers.
Movie starts whenever I damn well please.
Food at grocery store prices.
If the movie turns out to be crap, I can abandon it without spoiling my wife's enjoyment.
Attributes of a theater:
Big screen.

You forgot one more attribute of your den: Control over the volume button.

The last time I went to a theater, (and I do mean the LAST time!), the morons had the volume cranked so high that not only was it painful to the ears, the amplifiers were well up into the distortion range, making half the dialog unintelligible.

Comment Re:Stock price pump (Score 1) 78

Because one share is not much (too little to sell, really) I think many costumers will end up buying more shares, especially since they already have a connection to the company (own what you know). This might be enough to pump up the stock price beyond what T-mobile could have managed by just buying and retiring shares.

When a company buys back shares, all of the metrics based on "per share", (e.g. earnings/share), go up because there are now fewer shares.
That increases the value per share.

What T-Mobile is doing keeps the share count unchanged, so all they are effectively doing is giving away cash.
That should actually depress the stock price.

Comment Re:If you remove humans? yes. (Score 1) 264

Problem is humans are at the core selfish assholes, which is why we have traffic lights.

Agreed. In the excellent book "Traffic", (by Tom Vanderbilt), he cites studies showing that in comparison to traffic lights, roundabouts:
- Move a lot more traffic.
- Have a fraction of the accidents.
- Have much less severe accidents, resulting in a fraction of the fatalities.

Comment Re:I thought it had got as silly as it could, but. (Score 1) 296

First I read about seized iPhone may hold “dormant cyber pathogen” , and now, this new idiot.

The stupidity is strong here.

That iPhone may also hold the latitude/longitude of Jimmy Hoffa's body, and the identity of the Zodiac Killer.

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