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Comment Re:Cheese runner (Score 1) 545

It was a bit more complex than that.

Let's shift the analogy here a little; let's say you're a cast member in one of the Aliens movies. You know how the little buggers work, and you just saw one of them implant a crewmember.

You know that person is dead. Toast. All that you can do at this point is protect the rest of the crew by eliminating the parasite before it can spread.

Which is more moral; throwing the crewmember out an airlock, or letting the parasite hatch and probably kill you and the rest of the crew... leaving the crewmember dead anyway?


Tesla Motors Is Delivering Cars 520

jamie found the news that Tesla Motors is delivering roadsters in California. (We've been following developments on the Tesla front for a couple of years now.) According to a letter from the CEO, "9 production Roadsters have arrived in California, another 3 arrive this weekend, and they will keep arriving at the rate of 4 per week... In fact, currently there are 27 Roadsters in various stages of assembly." The early owners must be proud, but there could be complications.

What Tech Should Be Seen At TED? 216

J0sh writes "I've been lucky enough to be asked to do tech spotting for the TED conference, one of the biggest and most exclusive technology, entertainment, and design conferences in the US. Many of the folks there are superstars in their field (like Craig Venter and Stephen Hawking), and most of them have the opportunity to take action on the technology that they see there. The problem is that I'm only one guy trying to find the most mind-blowing technology on the planet in order to inform the few people who can make an immediate impact with it. I figured if there's one place to find those kinds of advances, it's here. What unknown tech is about to completely change the world that these people need to know about? Let me know."
XBox (Games)

Xbox 360 20 GB Price Cut "While Supplies Last" 92

Erik J sends word that the rumored price cut on the 20-GB Xbox 360 is true, sort of. The Seattle PI's coverage says: "But the reduction isn't exactly what it might have appeared. In reality, it's more like a clearance sale, designed to empty the shelves for a new Xbox 360 with three times the digital storage, at the same price as before... As widely reported in advance, Microsoft is dropping the price of the 20-gigabyte Xbox 360 to $299.99. The unexpected twist: Sales of that model will end when current supplies run out."

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