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Comment Re:physical access to machine? (Score 1) 209

It solves things like vote copying (carbon copy of the ballot to "prove" who you voted for), counting fraud, vote "interpretation" and some other similar variants, which were common at least here in Brazil before the electronic voting system. Other venues were open with the system used in Brazil, which is very fragile in my humble opinion.
There are many ways to validate the vote afterwards, but the system must be planned for that. I sincerely hope to never vote on paper again, but our system here needs urgently to the upgraded. Voting machines are overly complex, code isn't open, no way of independent verification of the binary code on the machine during the election, no independent second copy of voting (paper trail, for example).
I think that the system stands simply because the risk of being outed for compromising it (by someone in the system) is too high.

Comment Re:physical access to machine? (Score 1) 209

Compromise someone in charge of programming the firmware on the machines... Just need the injection in the correct place on the supply chain and one single person compromised.

Electronic voting is very good, efficient and solves a lot of other fraud possibilities. Also the financial/power gain for compromising the system is extremely high and that should be accounted for in the design phase. A lot of things could be done, but there seems to be lack of interest. Paper trail, independent code memory checksum displayed on machine, proper cryptography on data, open source code.... the list goes on...

Comment Re:Frist to come must shut power down (Score 1) 243

"We know a lot about electric cars, but there are always going to be cases where something unexpected happens," Boer said. "There are going to be educational moments."

They may have procedures in place, but are still uncertain. Also certainly not that many accidents with electric cars take place yet for the procedures to be really known by heart.

Therefore some new training and updated procedures will be needed...

Comment Overruled (Score 1) 134

Already overruled.

A higher level judge ordered the ban to be lifted, stating (google translate, just being lazy...):
"in light of constitutional principles, it does not seem reasonable that millions of users be affected as a result of the company's inertia in providing information for the justice"
"You can always, respected the conviction of the authority identified as constraining, raise the amount of the fine to a sufficient level to inhibit any resistance"

It's a bad ruling from a single judge that pleases the ones executing the order and, therefore, wasn't questioned.

Comment Re:Back in the old days (Score 1) 393

I really think there should exist a mod like "+1 disagree"...
Not exactly for the OP, but I ran across that multiple times. It's hard to hit insightful or informative because what's written is completely wrong according to my view, but brings important points for the debate. Even trolls could do that eventually...

Now, about the OP, he is mostly right, the bachelor degree is nowadays somewhat equivalent to the high school degree some 20 years back...

Comment Re:It'd be hilareous if not so sad... (Score 1) 338

Except here, where it's really hot and we need air conditioning, peak hours are near sunset, with people getting home and turning on the AC...
Well, 80% of our energy is still hydro, which is pretty fast. I guess solar is a good point anyway here, with hydro providing background and peak...
Also, wind power here has the very disappointing property of having peak production exactly at the peak demand, when sun is going down...
Can anyone explain me why we're building that crap oil and gas plants the cost more than solar and wind here?

Comment Re:Yes, this needs to stop, but... "Help yourself" (Score 1) 130

Except if your bank requires you using an app for the token generation.... Like one I use, I need to open the app on my phone to access their website on my PC. Not to mention that the two banks I use refuse to open the website on a mobile device. Just pop something like "security extensions not found". Their securities extension can hog my i7 with 8GB, so I imagine my phone....

Comment Re:Business problem != technology problem (Score 1) 343

We've been using TortoiseSVN and SVN for some time here with a very good success for non SW development areas.

We've been using it with hardware schematics and layouts, as well as product documentation, with various levels of people using. Just don't forget to set "needs lock" as a default property, since most files are binary.

Also, we have a IT infrastructure team that uses SVN themselves, so we don't need to worry about servers and our products have software and we use it for sw/fw as well. So we (sw/fw developers) act as first-level support.

Submission + - BMW Cars Found Vulnerable In Connected Drive Hack (

itwbennett writes: A security vulnerability in BMW's Connected Drive system allowed researchers to imitate BMW servers and send remote unlocking instructions to vehicles. The auto maker has already started sending out software patches to the 2.2 million cars equipped with Connected Drive and said it hadn't come across any cases in which the vulnerability had been used to unlock or attempt to unlock its cars.

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