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Submission + - User-mining: Start at the gym, end up at a bar? (

An anonymous reader writes: Instead of sitting at my desk, I spent all day “Hacking with Cloudera on CDH3 at the Cloudera Hackathon understanding people’s location-based activities using Yelp, Foursquare, and Twitter. By analyzing the data algorithmically, I got strikingly similar results to those shown on, which are based on user-generated and hand-moderated content. I was able to retrieve more data regarding users’ whereabouts each day, even hour. Here are my results...

Comment sigh... (Score 1) 593

sigh... Microsoft is smarter than we think. If you've noticed they have a pretty attractive suite to go with the Zune which eliminates DRM problems at a relatively cheap price. With a Zune and $15/month you have easy unlimited music that practically never expires and re-attains licenses easily. Although I would have never bought a Zune, I have a Zune because they gave me one for free when they tried to get me to accept their job offer.

Submission + - Buy a sweet car AND win a free lunch with Steve Wo (

rwaliany writes: "Steve Wozniak uses, a fancy Web 2.0 used car site, to post a sweet car he's selling for charity (money donated to UC Berkeley IEEE program). Buy the car and you can go to his personal house, schmooze with him over lunch, and pick it up! He'll even give you his autograph!!"

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