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Submission + - Programming languages not copyrightable, rules highest EU court (

perplexing.reader writes: The European Court of Justice ruled this morning that the functionality of a computer program and the programming language it is written in cannot be protected by copyright. The court judment.

Submission + - nokia: 52% less smartphone sales in Q1 (

Spliffster writes: Nokia published its Q1 2012 financial report Thursday, revealing a 1.34 billion euro loss (about $1.7 billion) and a 52 percent decline in smartphone sales compared to last year. Consider this confirmation that Nokia’s investment in its Lumia line and the Windows Phone platform hasn’t paid off quite yet.

Comment Re:Apple becoming a patent troll? (Score 1) 240

I agree with you about the definition about patent troll, I wanted to refer to the strategy of using the patents to hamper the innovation or squeeze some additional money from their competitors. About their image, most customers (sadly) don't care about the conditions and incidents at the factories, because it doesn't affect them; they want their device as cheap as possible, even if it means looking away from the company manufacturing practices. I hope more people would be concerned about this, but only a minority won't change anything.

Comment Apple becoming a patent troll? (Score 2, Insightful) 240

Why does Apple need to do this so badly? I understand that U$ 5 for every Motorola/Samsung Android phone/tablet is a hefty sum of money, but this hurts their image. specially for their customers, as it *could* be interpreted as having a difficult competing with Android. I'm very disappointed that they are going the same way as other patent trolls :(

Comment Re:Conclusive evidence (Score 1) 575

I agree, but using this as evidence is not enough. Anyone could have created that file. It could have been Anonymous, another hacker group and even Sony could have made it up! For me, the important part of the article is:

When asked if Sony had indentified the individuals behind the attack, Hirai answered with a flat, "No."

Comment He is totally right (Score 1) 95

I don't see why not. It would be so easy to program a game for lots of different browsers, as they all follow the same standards. Also, there is nothing like the performance of a hardcore game running in top of another software (that runs on top of a lot of other stuff plus the OS). Who needs those hard to program console SDKs, anyway?

Comment They want to be like the movie industry (Score 1) 854

That is because some game company want to turn games in something similar to Hollywood. They only care to make spetacular-looking games, but without paying TOO much attention to the history behind it. And they turn this games into blockbusters. Medal of Honor sells for U$ 59.99 and you can complete in just a few hours. Sure, if you are planning on playing it online everyday, it is worth it. But must people I know, don't do this. And it gets worse when the game doesn't even have a multiplayer mode. Pay 60 bucks for some hours of entertainment? Sounds expensive.

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