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First Person Shooters (Games)

Duke Nukem Forever Not Dead? (Yes, This Again) 195

kaychoro writes "There may be hope for Duke Nukem Forever (again). 'Jon St. John, better known as the voice of Duke Nukem, said some interesting words during a panel discussion at the Music and Games Festival (MAGFest) that took place January 1 – 4 in Alexandria, Virginia, according to Pixel Enemy. Answering a question from the crowd regarding DNF, St. John said: "... let me go ahead and tell you right now that I'm not allowed to talk about Duke Nukem Forever. No, no, don't be disappointed, read between the lines — why am I not allowed to talk about it?"'"

Computer Error Caused Qantas Jet Mishap 389

highways sends word that preliminary investigations into a Qantas Airbus A330 mishap where 51 passengers were injured has concluded that it was due to the Air Data Inertial Reference System feeding incorrect information into the flight control system — not interference from passenger electronics, as Qantas had initially claimed. Quoting from the ABC report: "Authorities have blamed a faulty onboard computer system for last week's mid-flight incident on a Qantas flight to Perth. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said incorrect information from the faulty computer triggered a series of alarms and then prompted the Airbus A330's flight control computers to put the jet into a 197-meter nosedive ... The plane was cruising at 37,000 feet when a fault in the air data inertial reference system caused the autopilot to disconnect. But even with the autopilot off, the plane's flight control computers still command key controls in order to protect the jet from dangerous conditions, such as stalling, the ATSB said."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Dave Eggers' opens a spy store in Chicago: Photos

bflora writes: ""The Boring Store" is a not-for-profit tutoring center in Chicago that also moonlights as a secret agent supply shop started by novelist Dave Eggers.

On Friday the store put the finishing touches on the spy shop. It's an amazing, ridiculous space crammed with fake mustaches, pocket periscopes, hidden cameras and grappling hooks, all in the name of giving the kids who drop by a neat place to study in. I visited on Monday and put a photo essay together about the storefront and the work done there:

"...the secret camera-glasses, mustache disguise kits and underwater voice amplifiers for sale in The Boring Store serve a triple purpose: funding new programs for the 826CHI kids, jolting them with quick doses of imagination every time they drop by for lessons and grabbing the attention of every adult (a.k.a. potential volunteer tutor) who secretly thinks he would have made one heck of a spy in another life."
Photo Tour of The Boring Store"

Submission + - goes web 2.0

sinclas writes: ", the internet's only real listing and marketplace for parking spaces announced yesterday that the site went "Web 2.0". Using Adobe Flex as the front-end. The site has added an engaging user experience. It seems as if everything on the web is going 2.0 and this site has the beginnings of a cool GUI. The site has integrated Yahoo's Flex maps, interactive GUI elements and a really nice "desktop" like experience in the account manager. Flex hooks into an ASP.NET web service and front-loads the data of the lists so there are less round-trips. Its a good start, but it will be the customers who will have the voice on this one.."

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