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Comment Re:On an ALWAC IIIE (Score 1) 515

Yours probably gets "first program" awards. My first was 1967 on an IBM 1401. Submit your FORTRAN card deck and come back in a few hours to see if it actually compiled. The good part is a life time habit of "desk checking" -- not for compile errors any more, but for logic errors. After all these years the code I check in tends to work right.

Comment Re:Programming is a dead-end job (Score 1) 207

Not so dead an end. I have 35 years as a "coder" and am still loving it. I make good money by anyone's standards, and look forward to each new challenge. The field is always evolving. I'll be speaking at my daughter's school next week to share my perspective with middle school kids. Bottom line? Figure out what you love and do it. It just might be programming.

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