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Comment Re:Some social unrest is needed (Score 1) 174

Ok, but how much (percentage appreciated) do you believe TFS to be true?

TFS could be as far from reality as Lefists think that Donald Trump is (I think he's crazy like a fox in knowing how to push the buttons of disaffected voters -- which doesn't mean I support him or think that he's be anything but a disaster), or it could be 100% correct (ROFLMAO).

That still doesn't negate the fact that it's the prudent and reasonable duty of every government to try and foresee any sort of societal trouble (at home and abroad).

Comment Re: Many believe that we live in a computer simula (Score 2) 1042

Nader pulled the Democrats to the left, and Buchanan pulled the Republicans to the right. In my opinion this was a bad thing, but that is not the point. Those voters were effective.

It is the point, because change for the sake of change is usually Really Bad.

Comment Re: Many believe that we live in a computer simula (Score 1) 1042

I always vote third party now, whether I agree with the candidate or not. Dismantling the two party duopoly is a more important ... Unfortunately the electoral system is such that even if one or both major U.S. parties were to fail, they would only be replaced by others until a new two-party equilibrium emerged

Since duopoly is inherent in First Past The Post voting, why do you then also believe that voting third party will break the duopoly?

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