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Comment's still there, you know (Score 1) 255

Not all ads are the kind of thing you can block. For instance about the time the term "content" because popular we had the rise of widespread "content" that was merely a way of delivering ads or (much more significantly) the advertisers' perspective.

PS Yes I do recommend adblock and it is the one piece of software I will install on someone else's computer without asking them first. I can't stand it and am so befuddled that someone wouldn't be using it. I also use ghostery but it isn't as mandatory to me.

Comment Re:Title is misleading (Score 1) 510

This is all to be said in a Woody Allen voice.

Only owners should be allowed to organise! If people who do the work get organised that is EVIL!

OSHA is something that happened by itself when our benevolent corporate leadership decided to do us all one better in the name of Ayn Rand.


( what?)

Yes Sir!

Comment violent or deceptive images (Score 1) 369

So, does it filter violent images or misleading advertisements? No? Then it isn't doing anything useful for children. Oh you mean it stops us from seeing human reproduction in all its bizarre incarnations? Gee, that's not relevant.

I want family friendly search not moral policing of a moral standard than is absurd.

DuckDuckGo time I guess.

Comment Re:You need a schism (Score 1) 459

You need more than 2 relevant parties. I think maybe you need to get rid of the primary system. No other countries have that. We don't understand how it is meant to work. It just seems like an extra filter for corruption and to weed out diversity by preventing any real debate from entering the real election by keeping it hidden at the primary level. Also it officially institutes the only-2-choices way of doing things.

Comment Rebranding the Nazis as Leftists (Score 0) 550

"There is simply no way to assign a "national socialist worker's party" to the "right wing" within any political spectrum other than that of Europe, where everybody is so far left that a socialist can be to their right."

This kind of lying about history, or worse, genuine ignorance, is truly scary. Such a statement is like spitting on the graves of all the Allied soldiers who died in WW2. You should be ashamed.

"Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it." I've never believed that phrase as much as I do now, reading your Glen Beck inspired nonsense. The ignorance required to make such an outlandish claim acceptable in the public sphere is truly revolting. The thing is that with a big lie, if you repeat it enough... (on Fox News)...

Comment Primary System (Score 2) 550

My father, who is American (not me though, technically yes, but I don't live there, and it seems like a crazy place I wouldn't want to stay for all that long), thinks the Primary system makes the USA more democratic. I'm not so sure. Seems to me like a weird way for the 2 "parties" to be completely inescapable.

In Canada, when we have a terrible political party because it gets too corrupt from being in power, eventually that party gets dumped and those with that ideology have to form a new party that must embody the ideals but not the old vices. It's not perfect but it seems light-years ahead of the US 2 party system. In the US the bad old stuff just never dies all the way back to slavery.

I support the makers of this app. All they are doing is putting to use what is already out there. If we don't want those records so public we should make the change so the records aren't public that way. In a way they are highlighting a problem that needs to be solved.

Comment split focus (Score 1) 218

I think it has to do with the fact that as we mature we can focus our mind on several things at once. Useful, mature and sophisticated. The brain does in fact improve into middle age, youth fetishism notwithstanding. However the trade off is that memories we produce are less intense. Life is more fuzzy as our brain constantly is aware of the issue of balance rather than diving in whole hog headfirst. Youth and age both have their various benefits.

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