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Submission + - Petya Ransomware's Encryption Defeated and Password Generator Released (

runner_one writes: An individual going by the twitter handle leostone was able to create an algorithm that can generate the password used to decrypt a Petya encrypted computer. In my test this, this algorithm was able to generate my key in 7 seconds.
To use Leostone's decryption tool you will need attach the Petya affected drive to another computer and extract specific data from it. The data that needs to be extracted is 512-bytes starting at sector 55 (0x37h) with an offset of 0 and the 8 byte nonce from sector 54 (0x36) offset: 33 (0x21). This data then needs to be converted to Base64 encoding and used on the https://petya-pay-no-ransom.he... site to generate the key.

Unfortunately, for many victims extracting this data is not an easy task. The good news is that Fabian Wosar created a special tool that can be used to easily extract this data. In order to use this tool, you need to take the encrypted drive from the affected computer and attach it to a Windows computer that is working properly. If your infected computer has multiple drives, you should only remove the the drive that is theboot drive, or C:\ drive, for your computer.

Comment I use the bittorrent protocol sync my computers (Score 1) 302

I have three computers. Home desktop, Work Desktop, and, a laptop.
I use this newly released piece of software to keep them all in sync. I added a server to the mix as a backup, and now all my data is on four computers. The peace of mind given by having my data automatically mirrored in four locations and the resulting lowered chances of loosing all my data enables me to sleep better at night.


Submission + - Warp Drive might be easier to achieve than thought. ( 2

runner_one writes: Harold "Sonny" White of NASA's Johnson Space Center said Friday (Sept. 14) at the 100 Year Starship Symposium that warp drive might be easier to achieve than earlier thought.
The first concept for a real-life warp drive was suggested in 1994 by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, however subsequent calculations found that such a device would require prohibitive amounts of energy, studies estimated the warp drive would require a minimum amount of energy about equal to the mass-energy of the planet Jupiter. But recent calculations showed that if the shape of the ring encircling the spacecraft was adjusted into more of a rounded donut, as opposed to a flat ring the warp drive could be powered by a mass as small as 500Kg. Furthermore, if the intensity of the space warps can be oscillated over time, the energy required is reduced even more.

Comment Verizon is the only choice. (Score 1) 134

I have traveled all over southern Nevada and California.
Verizon is the only choice.
I make it a habit to go to some strange and out of the way places, Verizon just works, even in large parts of death valley and the Mojave desert.
I even had service out in Rachel Nevada near area 51, while my friends who were with me and have T-mobile had none.
Buy a cheap device from E-bay and activate it on Verizon on the bring your own device plan.
Just make sure the device is a Verizon branded device.
Choose a high feedback seller with a good history with mobile devices.
Also Verizon does not use SIM cards.

Comment Re:I pitty sad people like you with no vision. (Score 1) 91

Religious? There was nothing religious in my post.
I am glad that people like you are in the minority or we would still be using stone knives.
People like you are a waste of the Earth's resources.
For you tomorrow will be like today, and the day after tomorrow will be like the day before yesterday. Your remaining days will be a tedious collection of hours full of useless actions. People like you think no new thoughts, and you forget what little you have known. Older you become, but not wiser. Stiffer, but not more dignified. Hopeless you are, and hopeless you will remain. Of that wisdom you once sought in your youth, of that quest for knowledge you once had, it neither endures, nor shall you recapture it.

Comment I pitty sad people like you with no vision. (Score 1) 91

There are new discoveries everyday. The day will come when we can cross stellar distances as easy as we now cross an ocean, Of that I have no doubt. Maybe not in my lifetime or my children's or even great grand children. But someday it will happen. How do I know this? All you have to do is look from where we have come. Each society in history has thought they knew all there is to know about the universe. We are not different I laugh in the face of any one who is pompous and arrogant enough to say It is impossible. What kind of hubris does it take to say "No, it’s impossible, the distances are too great”. Bullshit! We are only beginning to understand the physics of the universe, and we already know that there is at least one thing that is faster than light. Quantum entanglement is instantaneous no matter the distance. Although we have not yet figured a way to exploit this for FTL communications or travel, there is a some mechanism in the universe that underlies the observed results. There are many scientists working with Quantum entanglement, even as I write this. I even believe we will see FTL communications in my lifetime, and I am 48. But aside form communications, there are many other theories at the edge of our understanding that may open up space to easy travel someday. Warp Drive? No, we can't make it work yet, but what about in a hundred or a thousand years? Howe about Worm Holes? No, once again, not yet. But someday. And what other secrets are out there waiting to be discovered? We must keep trying. We must keep pushing, just as the great inventors before us did.

Comment I still see a lot of open Access Points. (Score 1) 176

I live in a RV and have commercial Wi-Fi client mounted in my RV with a Yagi antenna on the roof where my TV antenna used to be.
My best connection distance to date is 2.3 miles from a ridge top campground in a state park to a KOA campground in the valley below.
In my travels around the country I have only been parked in a few places where I can not find at least one open access point to connect to.
In fact in my experience the smaller the city the better the likelihood of an in range open access point. Open access points are my connection to the outside world now.

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