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Comment How would a user test a fix before production? (Score 1) 309

I don't really understand this development model "theory". Are users "end users" or are users in-house testers?
If they are end users, how would they test the fix before it reaches production code?
If they are testers and they don't test the fix, who the hell closes the bug report?

Since you worry about errors getting introduced by merges, it sounds like you are also missing regression testing.

If you don't do regression testing, and don't verify fixes on the release branch, what the hell is your QA department doing?

I think the theory you are looking for is this:
1: Users report bug.
2: QA verifies the bug on the released code, and also that it exist in latest development code.
3: Developer fix bug.
4: QA verifies fix and close the bug report.
5: Code Freeze. QA does regression testing, and verifies all new fixes still work as intended.
6: Release!

There is no need for a single gatekeeper to do merges. Your developers need to be competent enough that they don't routinely break stuff when merging. If they are not capable of getting a merge right most of the time, you need new developers.

Comment That list really isn't selling it. (Score 1) 370

People everywhere

Sometimes this is a plus, but 9 times out of ten it is just annoying.


Speaking of focus. Occasionally the picture is slightly out of focus. Annoying as hell.

A massive speaker system

This is usually a positive, but sometimes they turn it up too loud. That does not make a pleasant experience at all, and this just doesn't happen at home.


How about starting the movie at the advertised time instead?


Was this not covered by Focus? Not once have disruptions been a worse problem at home than at the theater...

9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark. 10. Bragging rights.

Who the hell are they trying to sell this to?

I still enjoy going to the movies, but those reasons just suck.
Take an afternoon off from work if you can, and go to the afternoon show. 500 seats and 27 people. That is how you get a good movie experience.

Comment Re:Absolutely wrong: it did differentiate! (Score 1) 125

There is still the possibility that people who never drank, choose to not drink because their health was not that good to begin with.
14% of the participants were in the group that never drank. If a few percentage points of the participants had that reason for not drinking, it may have skewed the results a bit.

Comment Re:I suspect something different (Score 1) 97

How the hell could I prove something like that? I have no access to netflix internal statistics.
But, if there was a coordinated review bombing, I assume they are clever enough to leave the show streaming in the background so it looks like they actually watched it.
The only indicator I see that could detect this is if it gets unusually many reviews quickly after launch. But since netflix don't disclose such numbers I guess we will never know.

But I guess it doesn't really matter. I just find it fishy that people who liked her previous stuff would all of a sudden think that the new show was a stinking pile of garbage.

She also draws big crowds, so some people clearly like her. But if you only read reddit you would never know this. Every single article that mentions her is completely bombarded with posts saying she is the worst comedian they have ever seen.
Not just "she sucks, so I don't pay attention to her", but really "she sucks and I hate her with a passion, so I will mention how bad she is at every possible opportunity" dislike.

Obviously it is impossible to know what is really going on, but it does not seem completely ridiculous that there was some coordinated review bombing.

Comment Re:I suspect something different (Score 1) 97

Quite clearly a case of "review bombing" to me. It is not her best work, but if you like her other stuff, chances are you will like this one too.
Of course her style is vulgar and provocative, and this is not for everyone, but it in no way deserves 1 Star.

It really looks like most reviews came from people that knew beforehand they would never ever like it, but have an axe to grind.
Having these people reviewing the show clearly distorts the intent of the review system.

You can say everyone are entitled to give a review, but if everyone scored genres they don't like, almost everything would end up at 1 star.
Take sci-fi, I like it and on this site it is popular, but in the general population most people do not like it.
If all the people who dislike sci-fi decided to give all sci-fi movies 1 star because "fuck sci-fi and all those stupid nerds", every single sci-fi movie would end up at 1.05 stars or so on average. Clearly the reviews would be useless then.

I don't see how up/down votes would solve this problem though. Even if more people vote, the initial down-bomb would still leave it at 90% down votes.

Comment Awkward to use tablets (Score 1) 243

Apparently it is "awkward to use it for anything else than browsing the Web"

But guess what 99% of the population want to use their portable device for...

Then add the fact that netbooks are also awkward for almost everything except browsing the web, because the screen and the keyboard are too small.
In addition, browsing the web is better with the screen in portrait mode, than in landscape mode, so the netbook is not even better at that.

I'm sure there are use cases for netbooks, and I loved my Asus netbook when I got it, but I think I have only used it a handful of times since I got myself a Nexus 7

Comment How about making your content easily available? (Score 4, Insightful) 207

How many of these people are also paying for legal streaming services?
Nobody is going to pay for one more streaming service, when you already have 2 legal streaming services, and you are really only interested in one show on that third service. Or worse, your favorite show is not available for streaming at all because it is licensed to a cable channel that don't offer streaming.
When that happens, I think most people feel torrent is a very reasonable alternative.

We can listen to almost any music on Spotify, Tidal, Itunes or Google Play. Why the hell do we need 5 different streaming services for seeing all TV shows?
If you want us to pay for your content, then make it easy for us to pay for it!

Comment Re:How is this supposed to work? (Score 1) 382

It would make sense to swap out entire buses rather than batteries. Bus drivers need a food break every 4-5 hours; rotating them back to the depot and putting them back on power would allow substantial recharging.

I'm not so sure about that. This only makes sense if you would have taken the bus back to the depot anyway. There is quite a lot of overhead in driving them back to the depot. The buses can only be taken out of traffic at the final stop, and those can be quite far from the depot sometimes.
Today the buses basically run non-stop. When I was driving it was basically in 4 shifts of 1.5-2.5 hrs, with breaks in between. The buses never stop for any longer period of time, you just replace the driver, when you pass by one of the traffic hubs.
The only time the bus stands still is after the final stop. There is usually some margin before the return trip.

Electrical buses are surely taking over soon, but probably not for this reason. Most likely charging will be done at the first/last stop, and maybe some top up at the intermediate stops. It does not necessarily need to be fully charged either. It is okay that the battery level gets lower during the day, as long as it lasts until it gets returned to the depot for scheduling reasons.
Your other arguments are absolutely right though.

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