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Submission + - UK's Blair Responds to Car Tracking Petition

Garrett Fox writes: The response by British PM Tony Blair to the online petition against universal surveillance of every car in Britain has been released. Slashdot covered the tracking proposal itself here, and recently covered Blair's rejection of a petition against national biometric ID cards. The anti-tracking petition gathered over 1.7 million supporters before its pre-arranged deadline Tuesday. Blair's reaction? This is purely about "road pricing" and fighting congestion, not surveillance... "But there may also be opportunities presented by developments in new technology." This claim is inconsistent with old reports like this that the system was designed to fight crime.

Submission + - Rollable E Ink Display Becomes Real Product

An anonymous reader writes: Two years ago Philips unveiled a prototype of a functional electronic-document reader, called the Readius, which could unroll its display to a scale larger than the device itself. Unfortunately, that was only a prototype. According to Cnet, however, Polymer Vision, which spun out from Philips in 2006, has redesigned the Readius and turned it into a real product that it is going to be available by the end of this year. There are some notable differences between this Readius and the prototype version, in particular, the ability to display 16 shades of grey instead of just 4 and the connectivity options. What doesn't make sense though, is given the energy efficiency and easy-to-read high contrast functionality of E Ink, why other than Motorola with its Motofone, has no other cell phone manufacturer incorporated E Ink technology into its handsets?

Submission + - Google Search Screws Over SomethingAwful.com

An anonymous reader writes: You may have heard of the humour website SomethingAwful.com. Apparently, for all of their long history they've been having a problem where their website is listed far down Google's results (often last) for searches related to the site (such as the names of features and articles on the site). For example, when I google for "Photoshop Phriday", the site isn't in the first ten pages of results, despite the fact that Google has indexed the relevent page. In fact, the first result is a noproxy.us proxied version of the relevant page, and the rest of the results are blog and forum entries referring to Something Awful. (Results are apparently better on many non-English versions of Google, however.)

It's far from clear what's causing this; the site's PageRank is apparently fine. Attempts to contact Google have fallen on deaf ears and dumb autoresponders. The site was even recently redesigned in the hope of fixing the problem, with no luck so far. Is the world's most popular search engine really this broken, and how much money are people bringing in from knowing the black magic to work around it?

Submission + - Is Delphi the next Database dev platform.. again?

santakrooz writes: Delphi's always been known as a solid database application development platform, it just had it's 12th birthday on Valentines day, and now the Delphi guys are coming up with a completely new database architecture. The interesting thing is that it's backward compatible, insanely extensible, single sourced between .NET and Wintel native code, and... and written completely in Delphi. Ok I know Delphi's written in Delphi and there are "wow" apps out there written in Delphi like Skype that Delphi guys always like to mention, there was a loosely supported Linux version, so my question is, what can't you do in Delphi? Or a better question is... what have Slashdot readers written in Delphi?
United States

Submission + - Descending down a Slippery Slope

culturewarrior writes: "We are in serious Danger of Descending down a "Slippery Slope" That we may never recover from.A handful of special interst groups continue to attack our traditional American values... The prey this time (The BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA.)(The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts could uphold traditional standards and refuse leadership positions to avowed Homosexual men)By this ruling the Homosexual lobbeist is now determined to see that the United Way exclude the Boy Scouts of America from it's campaign,In (Boy Scouts of America v.Nancy Wyman) The Connectiut State Employee's United Way has excluded the Boy Scouts in their campaign this year 07,Because the Boy Scouts have chosen to exercise their Constitional right to set their own membership standards-yet this United way continues to include religious groups and homosexual lesbians causes in their campaign...This ia a Travesty of Justice Our Country is in a moral crisis.We didn't just arrive at this crisis...our courts system continues to hand down outrageous decisions. Slowly, the judiciary is rewriting staate laws and forcing their radical views on Americans through our laws.I find it ironic that groups like the ACLU talk about a slippery slope when they argue against amending the Constitution to protect out Flag, It was John Adams that said (OUR CONSTITUTION WAS MADE ONLY FOR MORAL AND RELIGIOUS PEOPLE)and another was George Washington he said that (NATIONAL MORALITY CANNOT PREVAIL IN EXCLUSION PRINCIPLE) and yet Prayers have been kicked out of the schools by the courtsthe American Bar Ass.and the ACLU...Lets not ever forget the Biased media they printed reams of nonsense about isolated individuals who's children were traumatized when they heard the word GOD in school.....Let's not ever forget the word GOD is in the Boy Scout Oath and in the Preamble to the Legion Constitution. How abot the word Creator thats in the Declaration of Independence also on our Birth Certificate...and how could we forget James Madison the Father of mine and yours Constitution he said (WE HAVE STAKED THE WHOLE FUTURE OF AMERICAN CIVILIZATION...UPON THE CAPACITY OF EACH AND ALL OF US TO GOVERN OURSELVES ACCORDING TO THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.)We can't post the Ten Commandments in public Schools BUT we can download PORNOGRAPHY, You cant pass out Bibles in public schools But you can pass out CONDOMS...Our Pledge, our Flag and great American institution like the Boy Scout are Vulnerable so are the Religious principles our nation was founded on...........It's an outrage that the tiniest Minority can hold SWAY over the Majority.......in this country where in a GOVERMMENT OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE...................I just thought I would get this out to those that don't know what going on under the bull the mainstream media is feeding most don't have the roads to a fair and ballance View and are aware of whats going on or think thats there is nothing they can do... There is somthing we can do... I need your help now to Stand United 2/17/07 Honor"
Data Storage

Submission + - Nenest Web Application Framework

Tony Y. writes: "Nenest (http://www.nenest.com) is a web platform which enables anyone to create online software support databases. Users use Nenest Form Builder to create online forms, then use those form to collect, organize and store data. Those data can be secure for internal employees or members accessing only; or published to public by using social networking tools, including RSS feeds, Digg, del.icio.us and Sphere."
The Internet

Submission + - Alexa adds new features; still poor numbers

babooo404 writes: Alexa has added some new options to their site pages. Here is an overview of the changes: geographic reporting, "yesterday", reach figures, and traffic ranks by country. Of course there is still one big issue, the number are still not correct.

from: CenterNetworks

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