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Comment Re:Good! CS is a pseudo-subject anyway (Score 0) 322

(I also love hardware, hence the plan to take a major between CS and EE). And the Marine Bio Case Study wasn't all that bad; we had some fun projects such as adding sharks in our class.

You would have loved my first job out of school. I got a degree in Computer Science and Engineering where I was able to study both hardware and software. When I graduated I worked for a company that built hardware and software for a lot of marine biologist research labs. I got to learn a lot about their work. Keep up your studies because the careers that will become available to you when you graduate are very very cool.

Submission + - Weak Patent Infringement Threat Delays IPO (

rukidding writes: "Universal Recovery Systems Inc is claiming SoundBite Communications is infringing on their patents. This comes on the eve of the SoundBite IPO. From a Forbes article:

SoundBite said it believes the company's allegations are without merit, but warned that its defense against the claims could result in 'significant expense and diversion of management resources.'

If Universal Recovery is so worried about their patent then why are they so quick to sell the 'patents and patent application'? Also, the timing of this, on the eve of the IPO, seems odd as well. Is this more abuse of the US patent system?"


Submission + - A New Strategy for the Enterprise Software Ind. (

rukidding writes: SheeleyTech's Michael Sheeley analyzes the enterprise software industry and gives a strategic road map for the players going forward with Saas OnDemand webapp solutions. Comparison of Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Its a 4 post story: 1 A background of the enterprise software industry.

2. An examination of this industry using the analysis techniques in Clayton Christensens book Seeing Whats Next. I analyze the customers of this industry by categorizing them into undershot customers, overshot customers, and non-customers. This analysis determines which market segment offers the largest opportunity. I then look to see if the industry is signaling a change to target this market segment.

3. A competitive comparison determining which players are best to implement the strategy based on their resources, processes, and values.

4. My strategic road map for the company that is best fit to become the next leader in the enterprise software industry.

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