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Comment Car analogy (Score 3, Interesting) 145

It is the same as selling a car saying it has a 20 gallon gas capacity, then finding out that the tank itself is 15 gallons and there are 5 one gallon gas cans in the trunk. Yes, there's 20 gallons. Yes, it is all usable. However using the last 5 gallons is slow because you have to stop the car and keep adding it to the tank. Sure, you're getting 20 gallons, but it can't all be used at the same time.

Comment Re: As a 40 something programmer recently intervie (Score 4, Funny) 379

I've been living in ginormous game engines for 6 years, and the amount of times I've had to, in the span of a timed half an hour, optimize a routine to make sure it was running in the optimal time has

Do you happen to work for EA? That would explain a lot...

Comment Re:From the FAQ (Score 1) 704

You might as well ask the wino on the corner to hold onto your money, because he's about as accountable if your money goes missing.

I'd argue the wino is an order of magnitude more accountable because he is a real person. These exchanges are nebulous companies which have no actual humans directly responsible.

Comment Re:I am one affected (Score 1) 312

It is the ONLY EA game I've bought in the last decade. My friends begged me to give it a try, and the talk of 64 player games was really interesting to me. I've learned from my mistake, and won't make it again. For the record, I purchased from Amazon, not direct from EA, so EA would not refund me. I'm absolutely positive Amazon would, but frankly I'm not sure EA would get the message.

Comment I am one affected (Score 5, Informative) 312

This seems to be tied to certain ISPs, especially Uverse. They claim they can't verify it is a US IP address, even though I'm in indiana and the IP clearly comes up under a US company's IP block (AT&T). The first EA person actually had the nerve to tell me my ISP programmed the release date wrong. The second one said it would be fixed in an hour. Finally after getting a manager he said they are aware of the problem and can only wait until 7pm tomorrow. I asked why don't they just completely remove the lock outs to let people play the game they paid for, acknowledging that some regions may get early access. That was "impossible". I bet people pirating the game are playing just fine, I feel like a fool for parting with $100 for the deluxe edition. Not buying another EA game. Some have suggested using a VPN service to somewhere else in North America that the Origin virus can verify you to North America properly. Silly...

Comment Re:You see this in small businesses (Score 1) 616

I'd like to see your stats on that. The last real figures I've seen show only 30% want it repealed. The Republicans as usual think they speak for everyone when really they only speak for their narrow elitist buddies. It is all really ironic considering the health plan was originally planned by Republicans, until the Obama administration actually got it done... at which point since it wasn't their idea any more it became the WORST THING EVER. Frankly, there are more important things that they could be focusing on, like our crumbling transportation infrastructure or other real problems. If people really wanted them to keep doing this, why does this Congress have the lowest approval rating in the history of political approval tracking?

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