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Dead Space 2 Announced 56

Electronic Arts announced on Monday that their popular survival-horror game Dead Space is officially getting a sequel. According to the press release, it's being developed for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There's speculation that Dead Space 2 may include some form of multiplayer, after an EA job opening was spotted on LinkedIn that mentioned multiplayer level design for the franchise.

Comment Re:Global Cooling On Its Way (Score 1) 213

The Farmer's Almanac actually bases its findings on scientific fact.

More on Global Cooling:,27574,25348657-401,00.html

I love this quote by Jay Lehr of The Heartland Institute: "And, if we were to try to reduce greenhouse gases with China and India controlling way more than we do and they have boldly said they are not going to cripple their economy by following suit, our impact would have no change in temperature at all."

Point blank, people: You can't trust your local, highly trained meteorologist to predict tomorrow's weather, so how can you trust a bunch of politicians and climate scientists looking for funding to predict the weather 50 to 100 years out? Most of you will be dead before you realize it was a scam all along.

Remember the hole in the ozone scare? Turns out it's a natural phenomena after all... Now, we're stuck with R134a instead of the far more efficient R12, not to mention all these other products that supposedly did such irreparable harm...

Patrick Moore (founder of Greenpeace) said, "much of the environmental movement has been hijacked by extremist activists who use the language of the environment for a movement that has more to do with class struggle and anti-corporatism."

Don't believe the hype!

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