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Comment Re:I still don't want one (Score 1) 200

You think gasoline is created without using electricity? It takes 8 KWh of electricity to create/deliver a gallon of gas. My Volt eliminated 2 gallons of gas per day (16 KWh) and only takes 12.5 KWh of electricity to charge. Knowledge and opinion are very different, you're apparently only familiar with one.

Comment Re:Not to defend GMs horrendous safety and quality (Score 1) 200

I don't think 27k is going to get you Mustang/Taurus with Navigation, sat radio, backup camera, leather seats, and remote control smart phone app. Comparing it to a Focus is ridiculous. I traded in a Lexus for a Volt. The other brands I was shopping were Jaguar and Audi. Comparing it to a BMW is no stretch. The drivetrain is smoother and quieter than a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Having 273 ft-lbs of torque available at 0 RPM is entertaining too. For some reason a Volt must pay justify itself immediately on economic terms. Why doesn't a Porsche 911 get reduced to a calculation?

The electricity to run it is very cheap for me, I get a special rate at night, $0.055/KWh. So a completely dead battery takes $0.70 to charge (~12.5KWh). The Volt is adding roughly 300 KWh/month to my bill, but before I bought it I eliminated wasted around my house (computers running all day, switched to LED lights) to the tune of 400-500 KWh/month. So I'm driving around on electricity that I was wasting a year ago. And for those who think the power needs are going to collapse the grid, please remember that it takes around 8 KWh of electricity to create/deliver a gallon of gas. So I eliminated 16 KWh/day (2 gallons of gas in my old car) and replaced it with ~13 KWh in battery charging

Comment Re:Not to defend GMs horrendous safety and quality (Score 5, Informative) 200

Unlike you, I own a Volt, so, unlike you, I don't need to lie about the numbers.

It gets 25 (winter) to 46 (mild weather) miles per charge for me. When the battery runs low and the gas engine is powering the car, it delivers 38-40 MPG depending on speed. My lifetime economy (4.75 months, 4350 miles) is 255 MPG. I'd say that's pretty good, considering my Lexus was getting 19 MPG on the same commute.

Apparently you're also not smart enough to do the math, it turns out the Volt is cheaper than the average car.

$45.5k sticker (loaded)
$7.5k tax credit (complain about this and I'll complain about the child deductions I'm funding with my six figure income)
$11k gas savings (5 years, for me)
= $27k gas vehicle equivalent (the average new car sale price in the US is ~$29k )

If you're still not convinced the Volt is a good idea, I suggest you start reading this blog

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