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Comment Re:Who loves USA (Score 1) 377

maybe all those who got free money from the US for the past 40 years?

Giving money to a possibly corrupt government is not the same as giving it to the ones that need aid. It only generates "love" in a very select few. Proof is that even in EU and LA there are large groups that don't think very highly of the US, even after inmmigrating there.

Comment Re:Its the economy stupid! (Score 1) 342

That attitude by drivers is very common and usually goes "my car is bigger, so you watch out and get out of the way". Just substitute the bigger car part for "I'm on a car and you're not" and you get senseless car drivers that think the biker is an obstacle. Very ingrained in cars.first countries, less where bike-specific lanes, roads and laws have been implemented for a not too short time. I live in a rellay hot country, but if we had a way to change into clean clothes after a shower, probably would bike to work most days.

Comment They had to do a "study"? (Score 1) 235

So, they had to do a research study and report to discover something that anyone that has even just traveled on vacation to a "developing" country (such an euphemism) knows by just looking at the houses, streets, and more.

It is just a common sense-derived knowledge that no one can expect a person that earns less than US$500/month for a family of 5 or 6 is going to pay for software when the only thing they have to do is ask a friend to install it or copy it.

"Developing" countries are called like that precisely because more than 80% of its inhabitants earn US$2 or less a day. "First" world (or "developed") countries have a culture of abundance and shield their population from that kind of knowledge, unless you go about findig out. That's the real reason why you hace so many "cheap" goods, or why else do they assemble things such as phones, music players, clothes and about 99% of consumer goods in "thirld" world countries and not in the US or Europe?

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? It's just common sense. (Score 1) 186

Easy! New stuff is useful to show "upper" management levels that you are "innovating", "aligning IT" and all those pretty buzzwords "CIOs" (or applicable title) like to throw around to justify spending. There isnt much chance to "be seen as a profit center instead of a cost center" in maintenance, upgrades or other such upkeep activities. This is just seen when you have big trouble that can't be patched up and need to upgrade to current hardware or software.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 275

I agree with you, and "how much is the return/savings" can be a (extremely) condensed form of what you postulate, but right now there isn't any compelling commercial necessity that makes clear to them how important starting early (being already somewhat late) can be. There isn't any current restriction on connectivity and odds are that any transition, even a forced one, will be more of a gradual process than a col turkey cutoff.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 275


If you ask me its legacy applications as usually that probably forces most orgs to go dual stack or holds them back, kinda like it keeps IE6 and that 3270 terminal emulator on the desktop.

As I see, I'm partially with you: not that the legacy apps themselves are the ones holding back, it is the functionality provided by such apps and the cost of reproducing that funtionality in newer and (hopefully) better apps that can hold back both legacy hardware, software and protocols

Please remember that management (the finance and accounting departments that really have control of the money and by way of that control the companies) needs a reason to change over expressed in terms of returns, being that savings in operating costs or direct benefits produced by such a project.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 275

My boss would ask (more or less what we would understand after all the manage-speak): How much will that "IPV6 Migration" project save or return?

That is the real cause of not having already moved to IPV6, there is no clear way to convice management to spend the resources (call it money, time, personnel or whatever) in doing it.

Comment Re:"it's legal now!" (Score 1) 318

I'm sorry about this, but I seem to have read (here on /. ) that UAE's an SA's concerns (along with India) isn't about WHERE or by which means the data goes. Their concerns are about *not being able to decrypt* the data stream (man-in-the-middle-style) to intercept BB-PIN and email communications.

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