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Submission + - Libre Graphics Magazine 1.1 seeking submissions (

ginger coons writes: "Libre Graphics Magazine, spawned from the Libre Graphics Meeting and its surrounding community, is seeking submissions for its inaugural numbered issue. Anyone using or thinking about Libre Graphics applications, standards and workflows is invited to submit already completed works or proposals for work for inclusion in issue 1.1, to be published in print and online November 8."
Operating Systems

Gentoo 2008.0 Released 164

An anonymous reader notes that the Gentoo 2008.0 final release is available. From the announcement: "Code-named 'It's got what plants crave,' this release contains numerous new features including an updated installer, improved hardware support, a complete rework of profiles, and a move to Xfce instead of GNOME on the LiveCD. LiveDVDs are not available for x86 or amd64, although they may become available in the future. The 2008.0 release also includes updated versions of many packages already available in your ebuild tree."

Submission + - Standard Web Fonts No Longer Supported In Vista (

BladesP9 writes: "Beginning with Vista, Microsoft is no longer packaging the standard Web Core Fonts that it has since the late 1990s. "With the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has unleashed something quite new on the Web — the "C" fonts; Cambria, Calibri, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel." The article goes on to state that "If you're a web designer and not using Vista then this download is mandatory since it will let you see your page as your Vista users see it." This means all of the web sites I have been developing with Arial, Helvetica and Verdana for the last ten years are now going to have display issues because of the new fonts. Lovely."

Submission + - UK iPhone plans set to dissapoint UK consumers

An anonymous reader writes: Today Steve Jobs announced the UK iPhone in association with the O2 (Telefonica) network. The UK iPhone package is very similar to that of the US, an 8GB iPhone will cost £269 not including network costs. The monthly plan stands at £35, £45 or £55 per month over an 18-month period. On the cheapest deal UK iPhone owners will get 200 minutes, 200 texts, unlimited data and Wi-Fi and free voicemail. The problem though is that compared to similar non-iPhone/O2 plans, such as T-Mobile UK's Web'n'Walk plan, 3's X-Series plan or Vodafone's Mobile Internet plan, it's a lot more expensive — Not only do you get more free minutes and text messages bundled in but you can even get a free handset thrown in as well. So it will be really interesting to see if UK consumers are as enthusiastic about the iPhone as US consumers.

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