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Comment Re:development environment? (Score 2) 74

I think you have the terminology 100% backwards.

You are not really a LOW level programmer if you freak out with no IDE or libraries. If you're writing the sort of code presented here I'd say you can easily call yourself a Systems Engineer or Software Engineer (unlike 99% of the people who call themselves a Software Engineer).

However, if you feel the need to write assembly, use code quirks to eek out 1% more performance, and write your own libraries then you have no place in modern high level software development, excepting if you're writing drivers, video games, or embedded code. Anyone doing that sort of BS is likely very smart, but is also a liability to any non-toy project.

Comment Re:Supported/ Fuck "Supported." (Score 1) 230

Please never use Microsoft as a recommended licensing model. It's never the lesser evil, but I digress...

What specific issues do you have with MS's corporate licensing model?

-if you own a software license bought outright at any time you own it in perpetuity
-CALs are bought yearly (typically) but are "essentially" the same no matter the platform or age. There are exceptions for this (dynamics CRM end user vs admin licenses, etc) but in general it works this way
-Licenses are separate from support contracts, so you can opt for zero support for zero fee, or have MS premier support on-site 24/7 for a HUGE fee
-You can optionally pay an annuity to get free upgrades for any software you use, but again not required
-they offer bespoke support contracts when needed. An entity I was working with required security and break-fix updates for win2k3, which is out of ANY sort of support lifecycle, but MS was willing to provide them for $XXXX per server (it wasn't cheap, but at least it was available....)

Comment Re:If they pay the license fee (Score 1) 230

Support contracts and usage licenses are completely different things.

For example, if you bought windows 95 you still have a license and can legally use it, it is just that MS provides NO support for it. Part of my job recently has been doing windows server 2k3 migrations due to extended support EOL, and about 50% of the software on it is out of support contract as well, but is still legally licensed.

No one is trying to force them to support it, but if they will not accept money for the licenses then it's easy to argue that the current license cost is de-facto zero.

Comment Re:Well, let's see how Google fixes this (Score 1) 85

From the article:

"The vulnerability affects any Linux Kernel version 3.8 and higher. SMEP & SMAP will make it difficult to exploit as well as SELinux on android devices. Maybe we’ll talk about tricks to bypass those mitigation in upcoming blogs, anyway the most important thing for now is to patch it as soon as you can."

SELinux makes it difficult, but they're going to tell you how to get around it once it's fixed.

SELinux doesn't block access to this vulnerability, it merely makes exploitation more complex.

Comment Re:What did they expect? (Score 1) 456

Many would argue that what they're doing isn't legal, it just isn't completely illegal depending on how you look at it.

They're selling their IP to the new holding company (in Ireland/etc) for close to $0. If you attempted to do this, for example setting up a C corp, having said C corp buy your own house for $50 and showing a capital gains loss on your personal sheet, funnelling all of your income into this C corp, and then paying yourself nothing and using the "profits" (your income) through the C corp to support yourself as reinvestment, you would be taken to court.

The reason they get away with it is because there's no way to prove what their IP was worth since it was never on the open market. None of the iPhone IP was developed in Ireland, but the irish company bought the rights to all of that IP for essentially nothing, then relicenses it to the other Apple companies in each country for huge amounts of $$.

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