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Comment Re:700 pounds -- goodbye safety standards! (Score 1) 319

Of course, that would be presumptuous, if not directly offensive. I'm from the US, but live in Japan. :)

For many years, there were a lot of keis available under 800-900 lbs., but they've been getting heavier at each model change (one I was going to cite as an example is the Mitsubishi Minica, but checking it's up to almost 1300 lbs now). The Suzuki Twin you mentioned went out of production a few years ago and was a bit bigger.

What I find interesting is that cars have been getting heavier in Japan due to rising interest in SUVs/crossovers and added luxury/safety features, but in 2009 sales of keis have shot up over 10% while almost every other sector has fallen. Cost, efficiency, licensing (by weight and displacement), and parking. With that, there are promises of some even smaller and cheaper keis again...though I'm not sure they'll be as low as 700 lbs.

Comment Re:Just one more errosion.... (Score 1) 177

Weird...I was logged in but that posted as AC.

it doesn't even seem to serve to further creativity since by design it will not recommend things that will expand your horizons, but will encourage people to stay with the safety of yet another rehash of something they've already read.

I would think such an algorithm could be used however most appropriate for stated needs. Want to read the same sort of thing? Look for works that match best. Want to expand your horizons? Limit the variables to certain kinds of similarities. I'm assuming a level of customization that may not exist for the end-user, but who knows?

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