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Comment About volunteering (Score 1) 848

Doing something without being asked to do so and outside the terms of your employment is called 'volunteering'. Volunteers don't get paid.

Transitioning your workplace to an unauthorized homegrown system without being directed to do so and then refusing to provide said workplace with access to the program source unless you receive some sort of payment is at best unethical and at worst extortion.

Look, you told work they could use this thing. They said they have no budget for it. You did it anyway. Thy still do not have any budget for it. You can either deploy your thing, start using it, make your work easier for yourself and your colleagues, and accept only the 'payment' of knowing you have done good work for a cash strapped organization, or you can throw your unrequested work away and do your job according to the terms of your employer - even though their way is harder and less efficient.

Seriously, they have no budget for this. They have told you they have no budget for this. Be a volunteer or don't be a volunteer, but don't be an extortionist.

Comment Axiotron Modbook (Score 1) 425

I am currently doing a grad degree in CS and use my modbook and inkbook for taking notes. As others have pointed out, handwriting recognition is hit and miss, and Apple's inkwell is no different, so I usually just take notes with handwriting recognition turned off. Either way though, you can doodle on it like it's paper and add in diagrams, etc. It makes me very happy as my day-to-day all purpose machine.

Anyway, you can get them from a bunch of distributors, and if you're in the US you can order them from OWC. That said, Axiotron has been going through some financial problems for awhile now and the modbook hasn't been updated in some time to use current macbook base systems, but if you're comfortable getting a 2009 era macbook and the possibility that the company may disappear at any time (so, warranty repercussions) then I can recommend it as a great system. Personally, when my modbook eventually retires I'm not sure what I'll replace it with if Axiotron isn't still around - it will be a sad day for me when I have to give up the stylus. YMMV.

Comment Re:Sorry, but it's not worth the time (Score 1) 487

That's funny, because I had exactly the opposite experience. After spending hours getting wifi to work under ubuntu (atheros chipset, no less - spent endless hours trying to get either madwifi or ath5k to work) and having to fiddle with their little gui tool thing to select a network, I finally got it working for precisely one day before the endless barrage of daily 'system updates' broke it again. After the third time discovering that something broke my wireless I wiped the machine and installed FreeBSD. Wireless configuration was exactly one line in rc.conf, and it's been rock solid ever since. I've even updated the kernel, entire system toolchain and the whole ports tree without breakage. It Just Works. This was back in 2009, so maybe things have gotten better on ubuntu since then, but once bitten, twice shy..

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