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Journal Journal: Slashdotters are morons

don't get me wrong /. as a whole is one heck of a web site, i really dig it. but after reading the comments for so long and observing the moderations done, everyone that writes comments on this site a moron. the moderators also have to be stupid because they just mod up the dumbest comments.

in one post or poll the comments go as follows:

40% useless crap - this is to be expected on any message board
20% humorous geek sounding comments - these piss me off a lot. to get good karma all you have to do is make a reference to some obscure linux technology, add a comment refering to the current topic and make it all come together in some funny sounding way.
20% stupid suggestions - these are the ones i hate the absolute most. on any topic there are just tons of people that think the their *nix way of doing things is cool enough to be anounced to the world and suggested to who ever needs suggesting. or better yet i love the one's where the suggestions consist of moving to a new state and getting a new job, just in order to maybe... have a better internet connection or something. those people piss me off. then what pisses me more off is that those comments get moded up and displayed to the whole world.
7% useful links - these are good i always enjoy an interesting website
8% funny story maybe they are not always funny, but most are entertaining. the moderators do a good job screening out the dumb ones. so i guess i have no quarrell's here
5% people that know what they are talking about - ahh the reason i visit slashdot. these are really the only people that should ever post, the experts in the field of what is being discussed. always useful, and they always do they're homework. these are the people that probably spend 30 minutes writing their posts in order for us all to simply be more educated. thank you people who know what you are talking about.

i feel better now

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