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Comment Grim predictions (Score -1) 259

Increasingly grim climate projections have convinced a growing number of scientists it's time to start conducting experiments to find out what might work.

The grim projections are increasing because people are tuning out the repetitive mundane warnings of climate hysterics, and because they are an effective way for the climate change industry to raise money.

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 2) 1222

My sympathies -- I found that article and was tempted to post it, and then I checked, only to realize that is a (well-made!) parody site. I was very close to falling victim to it as well :)

For example, I'm pretty sure that

Anne Hathaway’s Husband Begs Her to Stop Practicing Oscar Acceptance Speech

and John Hinckley, Jr. Furious to Discover Jodie Foster is Gay 32 Years Too Late

Aren't to be taken too seriously :)

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

That Avatar's plot was very similar to Dances with Wolves does not mean it was a remake in any meaningful way. It's pretty f'ing derivative, I'll give you that -- heck, there's a list of sources from which it looks like it borrowed -- But it's not a remake by any meaningful, objective, standard.

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 4, Informative) 1222

Avatar came out in 2009, 8 years ago. You could argue there are some derivative ideas in it (as you could argue for any other work of fiction these days), but it was not a remake, not a sequel/prequel, and not a spin-off.

Edge of Tomorrow came out in 2014, a scant 3 years ago.

Interstellar came out in 2014, a scant 3 years ago.

Looper came out in 2012. It wasn't as big as the other ones I've mentioned, but its box office returns were 6x its production budget (which is much better than some of the bigger names above).

Gravity, 2013, might be argued to not be sci-fi but science fact, but presuming we can reasonably call it Sci fi, it did pretty well, bringing in about $723M in revenues.

Inception, 2011, made approximately 5.5x its budget and brought in around $826M, which is successful by most people's account

District 9, 2009, brought in only around $210M, but only cost around $30M or so, so a 7x multiplier, and hugely popular

(all numbers courtesy of

Now, it's likely -- this being Slashdot -- that someone will argue that some/all of these movies aren't good, or particularly original. That's fine. The original claim was "no successful Sci-fi movies in the last decade who aren't remakes, [s|pr]equel, or spin-offs. None of these movies are that.

Comment Re:Not Quite Right (Score 2) 227

You realize YouTube TV costs $35/month, right? Unlike YouTube, the free user-content-streaming platform, this is a premium channel with a cost that is approximately 3.5 times Netflix (which has no ads) or Hulu (which does have ads, unless you pay about half the price of YouTube TV to not have ads). I'm not saying they're evil for having ads, or that they're bad people, but this is not the same as a free service, and they made conscious decisions that involved supporting ads. They had options.

Comment Not Quite Right (Score 5, Insightful) 227

Let's be clear here: Broadcasters didn't do this, YouTube (AKA Alphabet) did this. Broadcasters asked for this -- maybe even demanded this, or traded this for lower costs -- and YouTube decided that having their content, plus ads, was more important than sticking to their guns and offering their customers (the people who actually pay money for the service) an ads-free experience.

Comment Re:Math is about right (Score 1) 55

There's a difference between profiles -- each of which has its own history and recommendation -- and number of simultaneous streams. You can have several profiles on all plan levels, I believe, but at the lowest level only one of them can stream at any given point in time.

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