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Comment Re:Agreed. (Score 1) 111

Reed, before he went the CEO route, was a software engineer and has an MS in AI/Computer Science from Stanford. That said, honestly, they asked him a completely meaningless "far future" question, and he came up with a completely meaningless "maybe we even ... " kind of answer. As a Netflix employee, I assure you we're currently not coming up with new content for (hypothetical) AI members.

Comment Re:If I were Google, this is where I'd put emphasi (Score 4, Interesting) 71

We're #379 on the Fortune 500 with approximately 3000 employees, and aside from tiny enclaves everyone uses Google Office. I don't know that I'd say that we actually enjoy it, or that it's a pleasure to use, but honestly I don't actually know anyone who'd say that about Microsoft's product either :)

Comment Re:cult of mac (Score 4, Interesting) 168

I don't know, man. I wasn't a Mac person back when I finally grew tired of all the hacky mp3 player solutions out there, and paid $500 for an iPod that I was HOPING I could make work with my PC back before iTunes was running on Windows. The iPod's form factor and ease of use just ended up making it the best product for me -- enough so that I shoehorned it into a Macless ecosystem and accepted the challenges inherent within.

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