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Comment Re:The study was on obese people. (Score 1) 184

Studies still show lower quality of life in old age for people who are overweight (or more specifically, obese - not just morbidly so, but regular old obesity) in middle age. Overweight people fared "just fine" in limited studies of overall longevity, which are heavily complicated by conflation with the chronic underweight status typical of people with severe long-term or terminal illness.

The overweight people were better off in aggregate than, say, the skinny people dying of cancer or suffering through chemotherapy, but not better off than people who were a healthy weight and didn't have a complication like cancer.

So YMMV. The evidence overall says that while being overweight is not something to panic about or damage yourself trying to undo, and while you can live a mostly healthy life even if you're overweight, it's basically objectively better, in a vacuum, to NOT be overweight.

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