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Comment How insane can you get? (Score 1) 502

I know politicians are not very bright, and some, if not many, are corrupt, but how can they allow this to pass, especially when the alternative is coal powered power plants! Hopefully the governor has more intelligence and veto this bill if passed.

Time to close at least some of the coal mines and find alternative jobs for the workers, in alternative, more environmentally friendly energy.

Comment Re:Debian (Score 1) 224

Two reasons:

What has Parrot removed from the standard Debian installation, in order to install all the penetration software, and other software?

If so, is the default Parrot installation is as stable and secure as the default Debian installation.

Parrot is a specialized Distro, but for my laptop, desktop and most servers, I will continue to use Debian Stable, and/or Testing.

Comment Re:Pedantic Bastard Mode on... (Score 1) 67

I was going to post this myself, but you beat me to it!

It is truly amazing how many people in the world do not know the difference between "Whisky" and "Whiskey"! Of course, the US blurs the distinction, as different whiskies distilled here, use different spellings!

For the misinformed among us:
Scotland, Japan, Canada, (Some) US and others use "Whisky".
Ireland, (Most) US, and others use "Whiskey"

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