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Comment Re:Time for... (Score 1) 49

Time for an aftermarket add-on that goes in the phone jack that contains a low pass filter. Inductors, capacitors, pcb, input jack, output spike/plug, case.

If the paranoia grows sufficiently (or the threat actually does), it could be quite a moneymaker. You could probably sell a bunch at a premium to the various TLAs either way, as some of them are what one could reasonably describe as "professionally paranoid."

I acknowledge the sarcasm, but please be careful, the marketing department might be listening.
On a more serious note, couldn't you just put a ferrite core on your headphones?

Comment Interesting article in response (Score 1) 171

I liked this analysis http://www.forbes.com/sites/ta...

Tl; dr: it might work for some STDs but it would make the condom quite a bit thicker, and take too long for the result. For others, it's just not going to happen. Then, assuming the magic work, there's lots of reasons it's a bad idea, mostly having to do with the fact that there are people involved.

Comment Re:one more thing.. (Score 1) 435

you forgot the US Government spying. until our IT giants tell the US government that they are leaving the united states if they don't stop, there is no reason to continue to freely use their service when an alternative is available.

What alternative? You have to assume any US based email provider is the same when it comes to spying. The big guys in other countries may be safer if:
1) their NSA equivalent isn't doing the same thing.
2) Their spy agency isn't cooperating with/owned by the NSA.
3) the NSA ( and their spy agencies.) can't just tap into the lines that all your email go over.

The small players (in any country) might be safer if they can stay under the radar, but they will *probably* give in faster. I would imagine that Google/Microsoft etc. have bigger legal departments than many small to medium businesses have staff.

I suspect your only option is end to end encryption with the server running on your hardware in your home or office. And hope that you stay unnoticed so that no one sends out the cops on a trumped up weapons warrant, who just happen to decide that your email server looks interesting.

Paranoid, maybe, but a $3 wrench trumps most kinds of security. (allusions intenionaly not linked)

Comment Re:The real idiots... (Score 1) 303

The 30 people do matter, but statistics doesn't care about individuals. Having said that, how many people have died in Black Friday (U.S.) / Boxing Day (British) stampedes or riots associated with contentious football matches in Europe/Africa. 14 million excited people in a relatively confined space without guns and other weapons involved and 30 deaths. Not great, but not _that_ bad. Throw in weapons, and the stats sure look a lot better now.

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