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Comment Re:Our society is fucked (Score 1) 158

Or they are trying to be more efficient.

We were approached by a company to develop something similar. They were a large organisation with a large number of offices and a large number of roaming contractors. They simply wanted to know how many of their desks and offices were actually in use on any given day so they could scale appropriately. Why pay for 200 offices and desks when you only needed 150 at any given time? They tried manually counting people at desks, but it took too long to audit the building and by the time they reached the end, the data was already inaccurate.

They simply wanted metrics to help the business.

Comment Re:smallest partition as in efi / dell utils type (Score 2) 281

This was my problem with Windows 10 when I installed it a few months ago. It failed to do some update, so wanted to repair itself, but every time it tried it was trying to restore itself on the EFI partition, not the actual windows partition. Thankfully at that point I still had grub installed with the boot sector of one of my disks intact, so was able to boot into Linux via legacy option, but after many failed attempts to boot windows 10 and having it trash my EFI partition while trying to restore, I gave up and haven't booted windows since. No loss though, I only ever booted it up to do updates in case one day I ever actually needed to do another cross platform build.

Comment Make it better (Score 2) 255

It doesn't matter what it is, or how it fits into anything, just identify something which annoys you and make it better.

Curtains don't open when you wake up...
Traffic Lights seems I'll times...
Having to specify times on the microwave when it can easily measure weight...
Windows wants to update to latest version...
KDE doesn't integrate with Office 365...
Your Company is using Office 365...
The Digital Sign-age at the Airport has a brief 0.5s black frame between videos...
I can get a lift anywhere I want by pressing a button on my phone, but I need to wait 20min before a waitress takes my food order...

... I'm sure I can make this process better!

Then just sit down and learn enough until you know how to make it better. Then make it better.

The reason you became a programmer is because you see patterns in the world, and can imagine a way to make those patterns more efficient. You don't need to revolutionize the pattern, just make it better. Linus Torvolds never revolutionized operating systems, he just made the development process around them better.

Comment Trusting a single bank account (Score 2) 139

One of the things that stuck in my mind about the video (aside from the cheesy feel sorry for me video editing) was that he said they didn't have a corporate account for the funds to arrive in, so they chose his personal account?

I live in a 3rd world country (South Africa), and it takes me 1 minute to set up a new bank account with shared access credentials with my existing bank. This means the account is completely separate from all other of my accounts, and I can create as many logins as I want for it with as much access as I want (read-only, read-write, which accounts they can see etc). This has proved massively useful when sharing a household with others. Open an account and set up access profiles for spending for certain people in 30min. Why can't people doing Kickstarter type campaigns do the same when they are trying to start a business.

Comment Re:System Shock 2? (Score 4, Informative) 106

It's really System Shock (1) that needs the remake. Even with the mouselook patch, the controls are archaic and clumsy. It doesn't live up to the standards that modern FPS games strive to.

From the Article

One example: Night Dive is developing a full remake of the original System Shock, going well beyond the basic rerelease that launched a couple months ago. Night Dive has acquired the full rights to the franchise, and Kick says he’s been working with Robert Waters, the game's original concept artist, to reimagine his designs from the early 1990s.

Comment Re:Insurance subsidy? (Score 1) 204

My (overpriced) insurance company already does this. You get 2 free "rides" a month where people rock up and drive you home in your own car. So not only do you get home safely, so does your car. Heard via the grapevine that it is saving the insurance company quite a bit of money. Other industries are now starting to offer it too. My bank for example offers the same thing (although only twice a year) to make sure I remain alive and continue to give them my money.

Comment Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 1) 135

I do. It is the equivalent of reading a book on a subject. You see how other people think and categorise their code, hopefully inspiring or improving your own. Even if you don't agree with the way they are doing it, you broaden your spectrum on how things should not be done or how they can be done better. I've been a programmer for 24 years (12 of those as a professional) and I love watching people program as an inspiration. Watching notch code a doom engine from scratch in WebGL (Dart?) after constantly criticising his love of Java with Minecraft ... it made me interested in new languages and new techniques and made me respect him more. Watching Handmade Hero do SIMD optimizations inspired me to learn more about CPU architecture (again). I can learn these things on my own, but I can't inspire myself to learn them. That is what code streaming helps with ... inspiration.

Comment Re:So what exactly is the market here. (Score 1) 730

A gigantic set the population used to use pocket watches and I'm sure when someone strapped the pocket watch their wrist, everyone thought, "Whats the point? I have my watch in my pocket!".

I imagine having your phone on your watch makes it easier to see what the time is, who is calling, when your next meeting is when you are in a sitting position wearing jeans, and would struggle to get you phone out. Or are a clutz, and have a habbit of easily dropping your phone into the toilet when trying to see if your wife has phoned you while out at the pub. Or you are out running, and using your phone to play music and want to change the song, but it is cumbersome to get the phone out while running and try bring up the music app to tap skip while also paying attention to your surroundings.

Just because your phone solves all technical aspects of your daily life, it doesn't mean it fills the practical aspects of it.

Comment Assume your publication is dead (Score 1) 298

> the electronic version is quickly pirated and easily available around the world each month ....... We are a small company, and our survival depends not only on advertising but on the subscription fees

Find a way to track the piracy, then go to the advertisers and say "Hey! Look at how many people are reading our magazine!". Actually, just search the /. history, there are many people who are willing to track this kind of thing. The subscribers will continue to pay if they actually care about the content, and are in no way inconvenienced. As an example, I subscribe to the new Linux Journal e-Magazine version. I used to subscribe to the print version as well. However, I never really read them from cover to cover, I just liked them to be there when I wanted them. When they switched over to online only, I stopped subscribing, because logging into their site to read it meant it wasn't "just there when I wanted it". Eventually I bought a tablet and renewed my subscription (now online only). I have been pretty happy so far, but every now and then the DRM starts to annoy me (taking too long to load due to a huge complex network between my tablet and their servers that spans ISP's, countries and continents), so I am considering dropping them and just carrying on reading advertising sponsored sites whenever it suits me.

I think one of the biggest dichotomies between online advertising and print advertising now-a-days is that advertisers have made us hate adverts because they think we hate adverts. When I buy a newspaper, after reading the front page articles, I pull out the advertising section to see if there is anything that may help me save a few bucks in the next couple of days. It is the original "GroupOn". With online content now, sites throw adverts in your face, which means you either ignore them (normal people), or just put up ad-block (normally awesome people).

P.S I work for a company that could be construed as an advertising company in the Minority Report sense

Comment Re:Dear God... (Score 1) 414

Meh, it makes little difference really. Amazon win the right to call themselves an "AppStore" and they carry on business as usual. People continue to trust the idea of an "AppStore"

Amazon lose their right to call themselves an "AppStore", and they are forced to rebrand themselves as "X" and launch a large PR campaign to push the brand "X" that distuinghes themselves from the old and tired "AppStore". People become interested in the new hotness of "X" and start looking into it.

Amazon winning the "AppStore" lawsuite means they continue as is, which is riding on the coattails of Apple. Them losing gives them a chance to re-invent themselves as something shiny and new. And Amazon have to money and drive to back it up.

Comment Re:No GPL-3 software means no violation (Score 1) 251

Well, yes, that was my thinking as well. But then I thought, "Hey, what if I wanted to reset to the factory default (which is arguably better) and just use that and never connect to the internet and receive the latest firmware update. Then, what if I wanted to make a change to gpgv2 and run the changed binary on my Boxee. In terms of the GPLv3, I *should* be able to, but I can't because I don't have the encryption keys required for the modified image to work".

It is all well and good if they have removed the offending software in recent updates (no way to check though, since you can't get any sort of shell access on the box anymore), but at one point they did violate the GPLv3. And for it, they should make ammends by providing the required keys ... even if it is only for that 1 single version that they released a long time ago that I still have the ability to run. However, the key for that build, and for any other build would be the same ... which I suppose is a win for people wanting to hack their Boxee Box.

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