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Comment In Brazil is the same (Score 5, Informative) 284

Brazil has the same rules since the start, hence in Brazil the appStore does not carry any games.

What people do here is to have accounts in other countries, usually Argentina. Then the country looses the taxes...
Since taxes are outrageously high for video games in Brazil, this is probably better for the costumers here.

Comment Re:Anonymity is forbidden in Brazil (Score 1) 484

I am Brazilian too.

In order to conciliate the right to speech in the Internet with such constitutional twists (no anonymity) the government is proposing a Internet regulation document where ISP or other Internet "space" providers (like Google in this case) are responsible to take down offending material under request. If I understand it well they must:

1) Take down the content
2) Inform the poster (if possible)
3) If the poster stands up for what he said, the provider must put the content back up and the poster is assuming all libel (here the anonymity is gone).

If the ISP follows this rule it gets safe harbor. So yes, we are getting our own version of DMCA take down notices (even worse since it is not only related to copyrighted material).

Well... the same document guarantees net neutrality...

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