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Comment Re:Yes I'm old.. (Score 1) 267

Maybe, but where is the upside of all that nonsense? Why should we even accept a non-massive downgrade? It't software - it's OPEN SOURCE software, it should be controlled by the users.

But it isn't. It is controlled by the distributors, who are driven by peer-pressure to always use the latest version of everything.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 249

"Android is fragmenting and quite possibly will self-destruct."

Android is currently in the process of gobbling up more and more market-share, it is basically the only game in town on low-end phones, has already overtaken iOS on high-end phones and is currently on it's way to eclipse iOS on tablets. I personally still run a very old Android 2.x Galaxy Note 1 phone and I like it that I still can run most applications (although I am a bit grumpy at Google for disallowing Chrome on Android 2.x - but there are numerous alternatives). So "fragmentation" is a big, big plus for me, because when I buy an expensive phone I expect to use it for at least 5 years. Android has excellent backwards-compatibility libraries which means that normally you can get an app written for Android 4 to run just fine on Android 2.

"Fragmentation" was also a big plus for the PC in the 90s. Yes, it can be a headache sometimes, but in the end it's a great advantage (and not a disadvantage) to be able to choose among several vendors and to not be at the mercy of one. All the one-vendor platforms (Commodore, Apple, the Unixes, etc.) died or got pushed into a niche.

The same was true for VCRs (The "Betamax" platform was stared as a Sony-only project while VHS was a multi-vendor platform right from the start), the same was seen for memory cards (the "Memory-stick" was a another Sony-pet project which lost against SD-cards), etc.

So in the end, put your money on the "fragmented" platform - it will win. Every. Single. Time.

And let's not forget that the important Microsoft patents all run out before 2020 which will remove a big burden from the Android platform.

Here a quote from Wikipedia about VHS/Betamax:

JVC believed that an open standard, with the format shared among competitors without licensing the technology, was better for the consumer. To prevent the MITI from adopting Betamax, JVC worked to convince other companies, in particular Matsushita (Japan's largest electronics manufacturer at the time, marketing its products under the National brand in most territories and the Panasonic brand in North America, and JVC's majority stockholder), to accept VHS, and thereby work against Sony and the MITI.[12] Matsushita agreed, primarily out of concern that Sony might become the leader in the field if its proprietary Betamax format was the only one allowed to be manufactured.

The same arguments can be said against Windows phone and iOS. While iOS will stay on with a slowly shrinking share for a very long time (simply because they have so many apps), Windows phone is stillborn and will never even reach the share of their earlier windows phone platforms that they had in the early 2000s.

Comment Re:Bad Summary, Only new part is the sharing optio (Score 1) 487

The point is that with Windows 10 this will happen automatically without them knowing it.

So when I invite a Win10 user and give him/her the password, that password may be shared to anybody that Win10 user is connected to - without that Win10 user knowing or realizing it.

And of course a lot of people use the same password for their WIFI as for other stuff, so Win10 seems to be a quite nice password sniffer.

That is the problem. People screaming passwords from mountaintops isn't.

Comment Re:Yes it matters (Score 0) 668

Well, Western medicine is geared towards medicine that is mass-produced and is the same for everybody.

Anything that does not fit the pattern is essentially forbidden, for example:

Phage therapy is an alternative to antibiotics, has no side effects and is dirt-cheap. (Literally: Phages can be grown by using local sewage-water, because that water contains exactly those bacteria you want to fight) The problem is that they only work for a very specific strain of bacteria, therefore the phages have to be grown to match the patient's infection and some phages may work only for a few dozen patients. - Far too few to justify making the huge testing necessary for medication.

So phages are de-facto illegal, even though they are risk-free and there is a huge problem with antibiotics and they are the only chance against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

To be fair, this overregulation was imported from the East (think Byzantine Empire, Chinese Empire, etc.) and is not really a Western idea. Nevertheless it is today a feature of Western medicine.

Comment Re:Absence of OPSEC is compensated by disinformati (Score 1) 180

Poroshenko also once held up Russian civilian passports from supposedly dead Russian soldiers in a press conference - obviously not knowing that Russian soldiers have military (that means different) passports.

He seems to be one of those people who cannot distinguish a plausible lie from a wild fary-tale.

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