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Comment Not so sure this is entirely iOS 6 related... (Score 1) 98

Alright, here's a data point that might throw a monkeywrench into this situation...
I have an ipod, still on 5.1.1, that I drive around all day connected to a verizon wifi hotspot thingy with a 3GB data plan. Usually, I download the couple of podcasts I listen to at home before work, but if I forget, I'll go ahead and download it out on the road, they run about 40 MB or so. The only other thing I do is a few emails, a few google searches, and the occasional look at facebook.

In the past, I would sometimes get the 50% usage email and chuckle because the cycle ended the next day.

Yesterday I got the warning that I've already used 1.5 GB since the 10th. Going onto verizon's site, it looks like I'm using 3-5 times more data than I would expect at approximately the times I would be listening to the podcasts.

Maybe unrelated? But I've literally never used data that fast in the 2+ years I've been doing this. Even when I first got on Pandora and really listened to it a lot, I didn't start getting data warnings until I was 2.5-3 weeks into the cycle..

So, TL;DR This might be a problem with the podcasts app or some other phenomenon unrelated to ios 6 per se.

  I'm just putting it into and out of airplane mode for now, kind of a PITA though.

Comment Re:so long... (Score 1) 430

Say, could you link to a source for the 'laser-produced incandescents' you're talking about? I'm very interested. I agree with you on many of your points, and would add that I have yet to find a CFL that can be dimmed for crap. I've tried 3 different brands of very expensive bulbs marked 'dimmable', and brought each of them back to the store the same day.

Comment Re:Keep giving the people what they don't want (Score 4, Insightful) 95

Hell, 3D barely maintains its status as a novelty in movie theaters,

actually, 3D is one of the only reasons to bother going to the theater vs. watching it from the comfort of my living room for a tenth the price. Some of the new 3D movies aren't too bad.

3D TV makes watching TV more complex and expensive without giving back much of value. The television is too casual a medium to complicate with shutter glasses. Until the free-standing 3D projector is invented, television should remain a 2D affair.

I agree with this.

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 287

You think libraries let you plug in Webcams and install drivers and talk and record video on site?

Of course not! Libraries will, if this kind of government participation becomes actually worthwhile, will install their own webcams and set them up for easy use by their patrons. Free of charge, because that's how they roll.

Maybe in your city. In my city, libraries get shut down because there's not enough money to keep them open and pay the teachers unions at the same time.

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