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Comment Walmart is next? (Score 1) 509

Way back when, I used to enjoy browsing through CompUsa. This was back when 100 megabytes was a really big harddrive. I forget when I lost interest.

Agressively unpleasant staff can be found everywhere, not just at CompUsa. Prices are about the same anywhere else. I fail to see the big difference between CompUsa, Frys, and Microcenter. I see as similar BestBuy and CircuitCity. One more step back and similar again is Walmart and Target.

The local CompUsa started selling non-computer gimmicks like ipods, cameras, telephones, and large screen televisions. Over time the space for computer stuff shrank and the space for gimmicks enlarged.

What may be overlooked here is the obvious. CompUsa is (was) an outlet for underpriced Chinese manufactured goods. CompUsa and the others have no control over the costs of what they buy. They have no control over the price they apply to what they sell. The price they pay the manufacturer is determined by the manufacturer, and is often below the cost of manufacturing.

All of these big stores are outlets for underpriced Chinese manufactured products. Underpriced means sold at a loss by the Chinese manufacturer.

All stores are selling the same stuff for the same price. All stores routinely insult customers. How will I notice that CompUsa has left the stage?

If the manufacturer can set designer prices, similar to designer buttons and blinking lights, then what market can not be overwhelmed?

Walmart is an outlet for underpriced Chinese manufactured products. Walmart is a building with a parking lot. Could be named anything else.

If a state in the United States started a state-owned manufacturing operation, spent tax dollars to produce the best MP3 Player that money could buy, and spent even more tax dollars to sell the MP3 Player at a lower price than anyone else, then that state would own the MP3 Player market until the tax-payers revolted.

(Revolutions in China are traditionally rather dramatic. The Peasant team usually does not do well against the Army team.)

If other states in the United States got jealous, then these states would start their own state-supported money-losing tax-payer supported manufacturing.

More big-box stores are going to vanish.

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