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Comment Sea levels rising or land sinking? (Score 1) 243

Well, the sea levels are NOT rising, East Anglia et al is SINKING, just as Holland has been and still is. If the sea is rising in England, it must be coming from parts of Scotland where the sea levels are "falling" or the land is rising. Obviously the folk who "believe" in sea levels tising haven't hear of Archimedes.

Thorium, the Next Nuclear Fuel? 710

mrshermanoaks writes "When the choices for developing nuclear energy were being made, we went with uranium because it had the byproduct of producing plutonium that could be weaponized. But thorium is safer and easier to work with, and may cause a lot fewer headaches. 'It's abundant — the US has at least 175,000 tons of the stuff — and doesn't require costly processing. It is also extraordinarily efficient as a nuclear fuel. As it decays in a reactor core, its byproducts produce more neutrons per collision than conventional fuel. The more neutrons per collision, the more energy generated, the less total fuel consumed, and the less radioactive nastiness left behind. Even better, Weinberg realized that you could use thorium in an entirely new kind of reactor, one that would have zero risk of meltdown. The design is based on the lab's finding that thorium dissolves in hot liquid fluoride salts. This fission soup is poured into tubes in the core of the reactor, where the nuclear chain reaction — the billiard balls colliding — happens. The system makes the reactor self-regulating: When the soup gets too hot it expands and flows out of the tubes — slowing fission and eliminating the possibility of another Chernobyl. Any actinide can work in this method, but thorium is particularly well suited because it is so efficient at the high temperatures at which fission occurs in the soup.' So why are we not building these reactors?"

Comment Re:As evil as it sounds... (Score 1) 225

Google Steven Conroy, go to his ministerial website and click on "contact". This will bring up a pre-addressed email blank in your email client. (Works in Seamonkey anyway). Best Regards, R. Vines "Where the people fear the government, you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

Comment Re:Showboating (Score 1) 271

As I said, water seeks its own level and the only influence can be the gravitational effect of the moon and maybe the shifting of the molten layer between the Earth's surface layer and the core. I forget what it's called but it is responsible for the shifting magnetic poles. If anything, I think you'll find the ocean levels dropping this northern winter as the ice cap is getting larger each winter. However, this whole thing is designed to scare people into accepting world marxism. Kiss your freedom goodbye if they succeed

Comment Re:Showboating (Score 1) 271

Maybe Port Arthur is sinking too. I know the station in South Australia is. Water DOES seek its own level despite what the Climate Change proponents like to say. But then, why let facts get in the way? If you want a real authority on sea levels, look up Nils-Axel Morner. Besides, please don't include Tassie in Australia, the population in the rest of the continent do NOT have two heads. This whole climate change (AGW) is a lot of political garbage, driven by people who want a totalitarian world (Marxist)government. It has NOTHING to do with the weather. It's a new world order. Maybe the Soviet Union's most avid proponnets took over the Greenies?

Comment Re:Showboating (Score 2, Informative) 271

All in all, the sea level rise is the same pace for over 150 years. Nonsense. (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world.) Quote: "We have used a combination of historical tide-gauge data and satellite-altimeter data to estimate global averaged sea level change from 1870 to 2004. During this period, global-averaged sea level rose almost 20 cm, with an average rate of rise of about 1.7 mm/yr over the 20th Century. The sea level record indicates a statistically significant increase in the rate of rise between 1870 to 2004." (emphasis mine) CC.

I think you'll find CSIRO also found that the Maldives is affected by the fact they "mine" the protective coral reef for building materials thus exposing the islands to the sea with greatly reduced protection for the community. The odd thing is, they are still building large resorts, using coral. How fair dinkum is this fraud? I also believe you'll find that the oceans have not risen significantly over the 20th century. The rise, beginning in 1870 (the greatest rise in the earlier years) is due to the Little Ice Age ending. In addition, some parts of the Earth's surface are "sinking" and others are "rising" If the sea floor rises, of course sea water will be displaced. Additionally, there has been no change to Australia's National Datum (to my knowledge), neither have any airports been required to reset the local altimeter settings. Finally, there is no discernable rise in sea level in any major Australian port, at the many airfields that are on the shore, have a runway extending into the sea or are situated in areas of swamp. I always thought that water always sought its own level, so tidal effects aside, if the sea is rising in the Maldives it should be rising everywhere.

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