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Comment Re:End of the world! (Score 2, Informative) 114

Rosemary is actually a dude who sits on the bench in drag. She legally changed her name back before Clinton nominated her. Some say she was nominated because of a connection to Vince Foster.

This seems unlikely, given that she graduated from a Catholic University:

Comment Re:"Always attribute to global warming... (Score 5, Informative) 460

There's lots of information available on the subsidence, via plate tectonics, of the Bay of Bengal, for exameple:

The islands are made of silt deposited by the river, and rise and fall depending or whether or not the river floods are depositing mud and building up islands faster than wave erosion and subsidence of the underlying plate are taking them down. The process is weather dependent, but weather is not the only significant force at work. The islands have come and gone before and will do so again.

Comment Re:SMOKE (Score 0) 1367

That would be the FDR Administration, which, in several Supreme Court cases argued (apparently successfully) that the Interstate Commerce Clause in the Constitution gives the Federal Govt. the right to do almost anything, and that the 10th Amendment is irrelevant. Note that the 16th Amendment was passed in the early 20th century just to give the Federal Govt. the right to collect income tax. Today the US Treasury is buying up the US banking system, and no one questions whether the Federal Govt. has the right to do this.

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