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Comment Re:Not the same as the rest of us .. (Score 1) 235

The Military uses the Golden Master Image for Windows. There are a few changes, most notably you activate with your CAC card. Not that many people know that and countless times I come across a computer that is complaining about being non-genuine. The Secret Computers are usually always like this. Put in your CAC card and click activate, and it is a genuine install.

If they heavily modified the activation code, you can bet they modified other parts. Just because it is approved does not mean it will be used. About 9 months ago we upgraded from Server 2003 to Server 2008R2. (Both Golden Master)

The upside is if you can get the install DVD, as long as you have a valid CAC card you have unlimited copies of windows.

Comment Sounds like Internet 2? (Score 4, Informative) 50

Sounds a lot like Internet 2

In 2006, Internet2 announced a partnership with Level 3 Communications to launch a brand new nationwide network, boosting its capacity from 10 Gbit/s to 100 Gbit/s. In October, 2007, Internet2 officially retired Abilene and now refers to its new, higher capacity network as the Internet2 Network.


NASA Faces Rough Road In 2013 132

MarkWhittington writes "With the National Research Council report that concluded that President Obama's plan for a mission to an asteroid has no support, either inside NASA or anywhere else, the space agency faces a decision point in 2013. The NRC suggested that the administration, Congress, NASA, and other stakeholders in space exploration come to a consensus behind a new goal. But the space agency's problems run deep, caused by a lack of direction, a lack of leadership, and a lack of funding."

Comment Re:The same way as everybody else. (Score 1) 87

Google says they have the cold air come up from their raised floor.

Google uses a different approach.

Google realized that the so-called cold aisle in front of the machines could be kept at a relatively balmy 80 degrees or so—workers could wear shorts and T-shirts instead of the standard sweaters. And the “hot aisle,” a tightly enclosed space where the heat pours from the rear of the servers, could be allowed to hit around 120 degrees. That heat could be absorbed by coils filled with water, which would then be pumped out of the building and cooled before being circulated back inside. Add that to the long list of Google’s accomplishments: The company broke its CRAC habit.

They also might not have a million servers,

a tiny embossed plaque that reads july 9, 2008. google’s millionth server. But executives explain that this is a cumulative number, not necessarily an indication that Google has a million servers in operation at once

Comment Dodecaphonic (Score 1) 334

"Ever notice how flat and unexciting normal stereophonic, quintophonic, and octophonic recordings are? With the Real-Rustic, Dodecaphonic, AroundSound Processor, your music will seem to come from twelve directions: In front of you, behind you, either side of you, four midpoints above you, from below you, from inside of you, and from the upstairs neighbors! "

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 758

I was thinking more about Windows licensing, as to run those you need to run Windows, and server versions of Windows are fucking expensive with licensing.

No need to use the Express editions of Visual Studio when you can get the full version for free through Bizspark

Bizspark is Microsoft's way of hooking start ups. Free licenses to all MS software, yes office included (even Office for Mac), for 3 years. Then you pay an "exit" fee of $99

After the 3 years you can continue to use the products you just don't get anymore licenses, and yes they can be used for commercial stuff.

A little fine print, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Developing software?
  • Privately held?
  • Less than three years old?
  • Making less than US $1M annually?

Comment Re:Title is wrong, not GPS (Score 1) 379

The Wikipedia article states that the satellite also broadcasts the same information as a "GPS" satellite. Don't know if that makes it a GPS sat or not since it is commerical, but it does all the function of a GPS sat plus more (WAAS).

"The space segment consists of multiple geosynchronous communication satellites which broadcast the correction messages generated by the Wide-area Master Stations for reception by the User segment. The satellites also broadcast the same type of range information as normal GPS satellites, effectively increasing the number of satellites available for a position fix..."


Verizon Sued After Tech Punches Customer In Face 493

suraj.sun writes "A Verizon customer filed a lawsuit after the tech the company sent out got a little punchy. Instead of fixing the customer's problem, the tech allegedly hit him in the face. The New York Post says the tech attacked the customer after he asked to see some ID before allowing access to the apartment. From the article, '"You want to know my name? Here's my name," Benjamin snarled, slapping his ID card into Isakson's face, according to Isakson's account of the December 2008 confrontation. "The guy essentially snapped. He cold-cocked me, hit me two or three solid shots to the head while my hands were down," said Isakson, a limo driver. He said the pounding bloodied his face and broke his glasses. But things got uglier, Isakson said, when Benjamin squeezed him around the neck and pressed him up against the wall. "He's prepared to kill me," Isakson said. "That's all I could think of." The customer broke free and ran away. The Verizon tech then chased the customer until he was subdued by a neighbor who was an off-duty cop.'"

Submission + - EFF Busts Illegitimate Subdomain Patent (

eldavojohn writes: "Unlike a lot of community support protection programs, the EFF's Patent Busting Project is starting to bear real fruit instead of just leveling the finger at companies. The USPTO is revoking an illegitimate patent granted in 2004 that sounds like automatically assigning subdomains. Sites like Wordpress, LiveJournal or basically anyone with generated subdomains have been doing this for quite some time. If you have some extra cash, now's the time to pony up a few bucks so the EFF can continue on as one of the few organizations genuinely protecting your interests."

Comment Re:Not the programming (Score 2, Informative) 334

Dish Network has the Family Pack for $19.99. That gets you 55 channels. Sure most are family orientated but you also get channels like:

Outdoor Channel

Or The Welcome Pack for $9.99 (23 channels)

  Comedy Central
  Home & Garden
Discovery Kids
  Learning Channel

Dish Network is moving to the small packages and it sells pretty good.

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