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Comment Check you contract ... (Score 1) 545

Man ... I don't know where you worked (country) but in my French contract it is specified that everything I create in the company is owned by the company. Seem fair to me, they employ you. In fact I wonder if you are not the one who made a mistake by making the company stuff opensource without their consent ... But as I'm really not sure about this, I agree with previous comments, contact a lawyer ...

Submission + - Next-gen cloud gaming?

An anonymous reader writes: After the first cloud gaming services like OnLive have been launched there is also further research happening towards using not only one, but multiple machines together to achieve even better graphics (see Wolfenstein: Ray Traced in the Cloud). Assuming the algorithms scale linear with the horse power (like ray tracing) and assuming a doubling in compute power every 1.5 years this means that with eight machines combined you could achieve the graphics of a game that would be otherwise almost five years away. Of course this introduces higher costs to the cloud service provider. But would you be willing to pay more to play those futuristic games today?

Comment Experience should prevail ! (Score 2) 785

A good developer is someone who produce good code not someone that knows the latest language.
Experience is supposed to take you the upper skill level, making you more valuable than any guy out of school or a junior.

Learning the basis of a language is fast, acquire experience is long. This new guy will make errors that the older guy would not do thanks to his experience... The time the junior fixes all the bugs your senior developer will be able to teach him tricks on this new tech.

The technologies doesn't change a bad developer in good one. The real question to accept the salary raise should have been "Is the guy as competent as my senior".

The guy should have been raised compared to another Junior hired, not 30% over a senior... You must be hell of hurry ...

Comment something is missing (Score 1) 122

"...The devices would also have two phone numbers." If we talk about GSM, devices have no phone number, SIM card is identified on netwok and associated with a phone number. Unless the SIM card is dual IMSI, there is only one phone number. As far as I know, a SIM is using only 1 IMSI at the time, something is missing or you'll still have to power off a VM and start the other one...

Comment Re:It already exists (Score 1) 137

I don't have much knowledge on antenna stuff .. but there is as well a notion of validation on handset side. And the black hat would have to hack the server side of the whole solution, there is a list of allowed resellers you are allowed to use the service with.

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