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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 2219

listen or act on our concerns.

Of course not. They'll just push it on more and more people, wait until "we forget the whole" matter, then they'll make the "/. classic" button smaller, then they'll hide it somewhere deep and then they'll just shut it off claiming "no one was using it anyway".

Now it's the time for boycott! They have to get rid of the whole new design and maybe make some *small* changes to this one (like Unicode and disable the f*#^% autorefresh).

Comment Re:Booze Bus (Score 1) 783

Taking the option to go to the police station is often a good bet if you are near the limit

No it's not. Usually you start driving shortly after you drank. Some alcohol is still beeing digested and until you arrive at the police station your blood alcohol percentage will be higher than when you are stopped.

Submission + - How to turn off Slashdot Auto-Refresh? 4

Futurepower(R) writes: Slashdot's Auto-Refresh is annoying. I go to another window to do something, and when I come back, what I was reading is not there!

How do I turn Auto-Refresh off?

Comment Re:Official answer from Samsung (Score 1) 234

I really don't care about Samsung or Apple (I am the proud owner of a ~$150 smartphone which can do all the "smart" stuff - do calls, display stuff like browser or calendar on the screen, etc... and it's going to stay that way until someone sells a phone that smart enough that it can make me a nice meal and give me a blowjob afterwards)

But I don't understand the logic in Samsung's statement:

- benchmarks usually warn you that they stress and potentially harm your hardware.

- Samsung white-lists benchmarks (and "other apps") for "best user experience" - so the "user experience" running a benchmark would be "whoa, my new phone is burning, but fuck, yeah, Samsung, thank you very much for letting me see the great Mhz. number of my display before I had to buy a new $500 exploding toy"

tldr; In my opinion, *limiting* the clock for targeted benchmarks would be the better choice.

The Almighty Buck

Boy Finds £2.5M Gold Locket With Metal Detector 169

Instead of bottle caps and ridicule from his peers, 3-year-old James Hyatt found a locket worth millions with his metal detector. James and his dad found the gold locket last May in Essex. Since then the 500-year-old treasure has been appraised at around £2.5million. From the article: "James’s father Jason, 34, said: ‘My son is one of the luckiest people ever. If we go to the doctors he’ll put his hand down the side of the sofa and pull out a tenner.’"

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