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Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 652

1. There's loads of stuff that isn't readily available in either regular or online stores (the demand appears to be too low for copyright owners to bother).
2. It might be easy for Americans to get their music onto iTunes, but it's not the case everywhere in the world.
3. Selling 256 kbps tracks for the same price as the original CD is ridiculous. I know it's ok for most people, but anything lossy is not suitable for reencoding which locks you into a specific music format - to which I cannot agree.

I do agree that getting everything for free is not the way it should be - that's the reason why I have over 300 CDs. However, I do download underground (lately Funeral Doom Metal) music, to find out how new things sould. I like to know if I'm spending my money on somethings that's actually worth buying.

And to be honest, I still believe that downloading is beneficial to artists. I know I wouldn't even have heard to half of the bands I have in my CD collection were it not for piracy.

Comment Re:If you want CD-quality audio, buy CDs (Score 2) 550

> Don't worry, in 10 or so years, you'll be looking at your FLAC collection wondering why you just didn't rip to whatever format du jour is prevalent

No. There point is FLAC has all the sound data a CD contains - it's lossless. You can convert FLACs to a different format - there is no difference between doing so and ripping a CD into said format directly.

I do agree that in the 90s going FLAC wasn't really feasible, but I'd say it's been possible for at least ~8 years. I've been using FLAC since I had 160 GB drive (I think that got one in 2005).

Comment Re:GNOME keeps falling further and further behind. (Score 2, Interesting) 224

Well, this might depend on personal experience: mine with KDE has been... unpleasant. KDE might offer more features, but they're crammed into the interface in a manner that makes their use unintuitive. Moreover, I would not say KDE offers better performance as all the installs of it that I've seen have been slugish to say the least (compared to Gnome on the same machines). Also, if it's so much better then Gnome, then why so few distro's use it as their default DE?

Vista Capable Lawsuit Loses Class-Action Status 172

nandemoari writes "The long-running 'Vista Capable' lawsuit challenging Microsoft's marketing of PCs capable of running only the most basic version of the Windows Vista operating system has reportedly lost its class-action status. Federal judge Marsha Pechman decertified the class-action lawsuit, saying that plaintiffs had failed to show that consumers paid more for PCs with the 'Vista Capable' label than they would have otherwise."

Student Arrested For Classroom Texting 1246

A 14-year-old Wisconsin girl was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she refused to stop texting during a high school math class. The girl denied having a phone when confronted by a school safety officer, but a female cop found it after frisking her. The Samsung Cricket was recovered "from the buttocks area" of the teenager, according to the police report. The girl was banned from school property for a week, and is scheduled for an April 20 court appearance for a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. I applaud the adults involved for their discretion and temperance in this heinous case of texting without permission.

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