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Comment Re: Twitter isn't helping (Score 1) 207

I learned on a Royal 440, such as this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/1.... A close look at the keyboard shows a zero, but not a one - exactly as I recalled. The fun part was going home where my dad was an early owner of the variable spacing Selectric - I was so accustomed to slamming down the 440 keys that I could barely touch the Selectric keyboard without triggering unexpected keystrokes (fortunately, it also had the self correcting feature).

Comment Re: Makes sense (Score 1) 162

You cops you passed were probably from the California Highway Patrol, who are tasked with patrolling the freeways. I've had numerous encounters with traffic enforcement cops in different states (hey, it's the way I drove), and I can attest to them being an agency that is far more concerned with traffic safety than with writing tickets. Much more often than not, I've been given warnings instead of tickets. As a 'sporting' driver, I do give them a great deal of respect.

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