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Comment Re:Tesla will flourish if complexity is reduced... (Score 1) 273

Didn't see Yugos mentioned, but I did see this:

“The lap itself was around 10 minutes Bridge to Gantry (in heavy traffic) but unfortunately the car went into a reduced power mode about 3 minutes in due to excess battery heat (at least, that’s my guess).”

“However, before it did it was able to keep a GT3 RS going full chat, within shouting distance (at the 2:00 mark) far longer than any 4,700lb sedan has a right to.”

“I think without the reduced power output and traffic, a B-T-G lap under nine minutes is possible. According to the Bridge To Gantry site, that would put it in the company of some really quick hot hatches.”

Comment Re: All in the timing (Score 1) 195

Why do you speak of his own personal profit? He already has luxury jet, a luxury penthouse, and all the money he can eat. And now he'll be slumming it at the White House, flying in less comfort, and working for about a buck a year.

I just don't see financial profit as a driver for ANY president that I can think of.

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