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Comment Re: All in the timing (Score 1) 195

Why do you speak of his own personal profit? He already has luxury jet, a luxury penthouse, and all the money he can eat. And now he'll be slumming it at the White House, flying in less comfort, and working for about a buck a year.

I just don't see financial profit as a driver for ANY president that I can think of.

Comment Re:Walker's death was a different situation (Score 1) 641

Put it in FAA aircraft crash reporting terms:

Cause of accident: Driver failed to maintain control of vehicle.

Contributing factors: Ages tires.

Yes, the driver is ultimately responsible, but identifying the weak link in the accident chain is of some value.

[This is especially true if you're interested more in cause than blame.]

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 641

The Carrera was a race car that was made street legal.

To clarify: the Carrera was designed to race in a class which required that the car be available in a 'street legal' form - but it was intended solely for the track.

There are plenty of other high horsepower cars that handle much better from companies like McLaren or Koenigsegg. Hell Koenigsegg even has a video showing how you can swerve the wheel at speed and not spin out.

This raises an interesting question: What is 'good' handling? Is it handling that you can readily recover from, or is it maximum performance? I'm thinking of the early 911s - wickedly fast in the right hands, but the trailing throttle over-steer could send even a good driver off a corner backwards.

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