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Comment Re: Dangerous (Score 1) 367

BTW, with the emergency doors, you have to pull them completely inside the cabin, then discard them outside the aircraft...

This depends on the plane. I don't have a placard to show, but the exits that I've chanced to notice specifically instructed you to set the door on one of the seats. I suspect that this may have been in order to avoid damage to the emergency slides - which are not found on all planes.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 367

Cooper instructed the pilot to fly 'low and slow' - that is, low enough to avoid the thin air and slow enough to exit safely. He also chose a 727, which had a ventral airstair - that is, the stair dropped down from below the tail, where there was no risk of being snagged by the jet's tail feathers. And the airstair was a clamshell design, which did not have to be partially retracted before being opened - as the passenger doors do.

The 'Cooper fin' worked only on the airstair. It was a simple vertical paddle sticking out from the side of the jet which would be blown back horizontal when the plane was aloft. This would activate a locking mechanism which was not accessible from inside, but which would release when the plane slowed down upon landing. It did not affect the passenger doors.

[BTW, airplane doors which are designed to be opened in flight are generally easy to close - the air pressure naturally blows them mostly shut].

Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 120

The item is sold to from the seller to Amazon, and from Amazon to you, so Amazon sold it to you takes profit, and takes responsibility for that sale.

No, that isn't true. If I buy from Amazon, I pay California sales tax because Amazon has a state presence. If I buy from an out of state vendor, there is no tax charged. And California wouldn't stand for that if there was any way that they could leglly classify Amazon as a re-seller.

Comment Re:Not the quickest (Score 1) 247

Utter balls. As you said, "...4WD improves traction..." - and acceleration is limited both by available traction and power. Without sufficient traction, power is wasted. And every tire has a traction limit.

And differentials have efficiency loses. The extra traction is effective on a loose surface, and on corners. It has next to no benefit on a dry road in a straight line.

Transmissions also have efficiency losses, but the gearing provides benefits that outweigh the losses. The small loss due to using a differential is more that offset by essentially doubling the grip available to soak up the power. And the extra traction is a benefit in any situation where your available power exceeds tire grip - that is any situation where you are spinning your tires. And, of course, some cars - Tesla 'D's, for example - do not use a front/rear diff.

WTF makes you think that adding power to more wheels doesn't help?

The fact that every top drag car is 2WD. But you could be right and they've all got it wrong...

Damn, I was betting that was coming! But top fuelers also use rather primitive 500 ci V-8s with actual push-rods instead of overhead cams. Fact is, they are built to a formula which limits them to such engines, as well as to rear wheel drive only. They aren't going for absolute records (I think rocket sleds do that), they are going head to head within a racing spec. And they are so damn fast on two wheels that they had to shrink the quarter mile to 1,000 feet. And they have really big, fat tires that can deliver huge amounts of grip.

Remember, 4WD becomes a benefit only if your power exceeds your 2WD grip. As was the case with every classic 'muscle' car.

And BTW - the top fuelers are also willing to give up a bit of power if it results in a net benefit. The superchargers suck up more power than the normally aspirated engine can deliver. . .

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